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Postaday2011: hidden talents

Well this is the first time I have been able to blog for three days. We have had a virus on the computers and although mine has been ok, we’ve not taken any chances. Thankfully we found a guy who could fix Harry’s computer and check mine for a reasonable price. So now I have some blogs to catch up.

Apart from computer problems the last few days has been absolutely manic. H has had a couple of days off and we have just been whisked off our feet with things to catch up with, family and household stuff like carpet cleaning and furniture moving and organising. Oh and my daughter’s scan. We are having another little grand daughter in the summer. Such a joy to spend time with Maica, trying to keep her amused and avoiding a tantrum while at the hospital, plus a long car journey for her. Her thoughts on telling Grampy that she was having a baby sister and what she was going to be called? ‘ I think it is Pinga!’ Ok so we are having a penguin….

As for hidden talents, that is one of those things that every single one of us could put our hand up to. Most of us have gifts we can talk about like writing, art, sewing and things like that but for me the hidden talents are those that are rarely spoken of. How many of us are happy to sit and chat to an elderly person at the bus stop or in a supermarket queue? That is such a talent and gives such a priceless gift to someone who might be lonely… How many of us support a charity or school, hospital or a cause that is close to our heart? For me those things that are done quietly and with love and sincerity are talents. Gifts that we are prepared to share, gifts that include love, caring, generosity, thoughtfulness and so on, are often hidden talents that are so very precious.

I guess my hidden talents have long gone, health problems have robbed me of many of my senses, like hearing and taste and smell but some time ago I used to sing. I sang at school, oh a million years ago, and as I got older I sang in the church choir. I have sung a wedding solo and at a christening, solo in churches but mostly I have loved choral singing. My most treasured moments were singing with the ‘Big Chorus’ at the Albert Hall in London. Verdi’s Requiem and Handell’s Messiah. I have also sung at parties and really enjoyed myself but these days my voice is not what it was and my hearing loss doesn’t help but many people do not know that I was once a singer. I class this as my hidden talent because it was one that I took the most joy in and one that I miss so very much. I sing at home some days when I am on my own and really enjoy it but I think my other talent, my favourite one, is the way I have all my memories stored neatly in little boxes. There for me when I need them, for me or to share, so that I can relive some of the most happy times of my life… but even my most treasured talents will never compare to those that give the little things in life, those priceless little gifts that make the sun shine for someone who needs it. That is real hidden talent!

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