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Postaday2011: A day to ourselves.

We hadn’t planned a day to ourselves because each time we do something always changes and we end up so busy. There was a list of things to achieve and we did some of them and added an impromptu visit to a friend as well. I put dinner in the oven, well a joint of beef anyway, and we went out knowing we had two hours before the meat would be cooked. We visited an Art and Craft fair in a nearby village. The sun was shining and it was the first time I had really been out this year apart from a bit of shopping, which I consider a necessity.

The art was fantastic, such a huge selection of pictures using so many different mediums. The quality of each picture was amazing and I could have wandered around all day just admiring them. The craft was also brilliant, there were so many beautiful crafts there from spinning, lace making, mosaic work, weaving, wood-turning, wood carving, cards, jewellery, stitch crafts and painted ceramics, so, so many clever people. It was a joy to see their work and to get ideas for both painting and craft stuff, it certainly inspired both Harry and myself.

A friend of mine was supposed to have been on the door and we assumed we had missed her. Which is the reason we popped by her home to say a very quick hi, not forgetting our time limit and the fact we also wanted to go into a store for a picture frame on the way home and before our Sunday joint was burned to a frazzle. I hadn’t seen her and her husband for months and we were persuaded to have a cuppa with them. As she is also an artist and a writer, there was so much to talk about and I just love their huge country garden with all the birds and wildlife. Somewhere I could spend forever in.

My friend’s husband was a horticulturist and I remembered as we were leaving to ask about the caterpillars and bugs. He tells me they might not be caterpillars as such rather saw fly larvae instead. My poor daughter will be disappointed. I spoke to her but a lot of them have escaped so maybe it will be ok. Anyway, I digress, I was given the name of a good product that would help to remove them from my garden. Tomorrow I will attack .  I shall be relentless as tonight another bunch of flowers from my primulas were eradicated..

My poor little violas are looking sadder and sadder but I did see a lot of ants nipping around. I bleached the patio area and sprayed for weeds and I suspect they moved house under cover of darkness, maybe to beneath the violas.. another path for attack! I do hate doing this but I feel I have no choice. Everything is being eaten and destroyed apart from the weeds, it is heartbreaking for me, especially when I try so hard.

One good thing though. I grew sweet peas and morning-glory at the side where usually little grows and I left the plants in to seed, along with the frame to support them. Since the sunny weather the bed is full of morning-glory seedlings, so many that I have to thin them out and in between them are little sweet pea plants popping out of the ground too. I will make sure there are enough supporting canes and twine and let nature take over that piece of garden. I feel sure she does a better job than I do.

We left the store visit to after lunch but I didn’t get my photo frame because they were out of stock, apart from that I achieved everything I wanted to. Moving the furniture in my studio can wait and as we had the day to ourselves we just relaxed. I read some of my book and did what was necessary for the morning then chilled, very lazily, in front of the tv this evening. Perfect! What a lovely day!

Oh, and despite being home half an hour later than I had planned, our Sunday joint was cooked perfectly. A little over medium roast. It should have been 77c and was 78, how good was that?

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