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Postaday2011:rebuilding, decluttering and sailing.

Whew! What a hectic few days, our guests have all gone following a Friday night of entertainment. Well not really entertainment, the father of my grand daughter’s friend was staying in Portsmouth and it seemed silly that he had to travel all round the Peninsula to be here for 2.30. We decided it would be much better to stay the night here. So we all had a meal together, I made a packed ‘breakfast’ and we got up to see them all off at 3am.

The house seems awfully quiet but it is nice to have my studio back. Harry and I have decided that we need to de clutter so as we were rebuilding upstairs that’s what we started to do. I have to explain that to accommodate the girls we had to move the furniture around, like the freezer that is normally in my studio, all my art stuff including canvasses, easels, paints, stacking drawers, which all had to be removed. Then there was rearranging the furniture in the studio to accommodate two camp beds and so on.. So rebuilding was quite an event.

The de-cluttering was just something that happened when we realised we would have so much more space if we got rid of al the ‘stuff’ we had accumulated over the years and had never used. Like sticky labels that were no longer sticky, printed paper that was now faded, note pads, yellow with age, an excess of pens and pencils and so on. It went on to old magazines, folders, things we were keeping for no apparent reason… What a wonderful feeling. My stuff is all together and easily accessible, all the ‘office stuff’ has been sorted and again, we know where it is, I have space in my room to move. It seems like the house has taken a huge sigh as it released its clutter and relaxed into a tidy space.

Three parts through the decluttering, my daughter Suzi rang and asked if we would like to go to a ‘boat launching’. LOL I must explain, her husband, who was once Harry’s lodger, is an expert model craftsman and had built another boat that he wanted to go on a trial run with at the local boating pond. Actually, they don’t have a car and Oscar likes to be out and about, so to get anywhere they have to walk or take a bus. Having walked miles in the morning, Suzi was exhausted, she is over 6  months pregnant, so if we were to go along, we would pick them up and drive them to the town park.

It was a really wonderful couple of hours! I got to spend time with my daughter and grand daughter unexpectedly and Harry and Oscar got to play boats. 

Oscar set up the boat, built from balsa wood and various other bits that he salvaged from anything he could lay his hands on, and gave it the first trial run. None of us knew whether it would sail or sink, after all, as Suzi said, he hadn’t even tried it in the bath  as he usually does.

Well the little boat sailed, and boy did it sail well. The pond was covered in a kind of sludgy weed that drifted in the wind so the boat had to be steered around it so as not to be snagged. But the boat proved to be an excellent vessel. The proof was positive. As we arrived there were a family of four that were sailing a hovercraft on the pond. We soon realised that they weren’t sailing at all and were rather stuck. The pond weed had firm hold on it and it was stuck out into the middle of the pond.

You can see the weed as Oscars little balsa wood boat set off on its rescue mission. Avoiding it, and the possible consequences of also being trapped in the gungy mess, the powerful motor sailed through the clearer waters till it reached the hovercraft. Oscar is a brilliant model maker and the rudder and powerful engine assured great manoeuverability. It changed direction in an instant should it encounter any obstacle and soon reached the stranded hovercraft. A simple push and it was soon guided to the shore much to the delight of the little girl who was steering it. And her Daddy of course.

A quick check of the engine and rudder to make sure all was ok and not clogged with weed, the hero of the day took her out again. She sailed out to each of the buoys dotted around the pond and moved easily and quickly steering perfectly past weed and round the buoys. After a quick run, Oscar handed the controls to Harry. He wore his old sailor hat for the occasion and we brought drinks to wish Bon Voyage to her maiden cruise, well, J20 for us ladies, Ribena for Maica and Red Bull for the men, yuk!  We wished her a good trip and Harry took control. His years in the Navy weren’t wasted, he took her out and round the pond, avoiding the weed, sailing gloriously around the buoys and bringing her safely ‘alongside’ as he might have done had it been a real boat  when he was a submariner.

Again, the weed lurked in the water blown by the breeze, but Harry was not to be daunted, the little grey boat sailed round the vast pond, between drifts of weed, round buoys and drew up alongside with no effort at all. It was with no doubt that us ladies, Marie, Maica and Suzi, realised that we had the most wonderful and clever men in our lives. I mean to do all that and 1) not know it if would sail or sink, 2) be unsure how well the rudder would steer her, and 3) most important of all, be the rescue boat within a few minutes of her maiden voyage. Wow!

If only they had any idea of how time flies when you are having fun! We sat and watched, Maica played and gave us kittens every time she went near the water, we sang little songs and played games, we watched some more, held our breath as weed threatened to clog her rudder, and …. wondered if we would ever get home to cook dinner before six o’clock…

Seriously, it was a wonderful break from our rebuilding and decluttering and the fresh breeze and warm air did us the world of good. Oscar could see where he needed to modify his boat and so I am sure that once he has played with it a bit and rebuilt it further, we will be sailing again soon.

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