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Those holiday moments.

I haven’t abandoned my blog again, I just went away on holiday and despite paying for internet access, was unable to get onto the internet successfully. Ah well, not being a computer geek I failed miserably at that. I also never mentioned the holiday. It terrifies me that, in this day and age, people announce they are going on holiday to the world. It’s like saying ‘hey! my house is empty, if you check online you’ll find all my details somewhere, come on by!’ OK my house is never actually empty because I have various offspring that live locally who come and look after it for me and look after the cats, but I would still not want to put them in a position to have to deal with unwanted intruders.

Anyway, the holiday was a welcome break. Nothing special, we stayed at a holiday caravan park in Devon. I’ve never had that many holidays but this was still a new experience to me. One of my sons invited Harry and myself to spend time with his family. I was unsure at first because this was the first time I would have stayed with them and caravans are small right? Wrong! the caravan was a static home and slept the five of us easily with two separate bathrooms. Now H and I are big people and the space round the bed was no wider than my laptop, we had some laughs I can tell you. The bathroom and a wardrobe were at the slightly wider space at the bottom of the bed but you couldn’t get to either if doors were open or another person was in the same place. We were reminded of those little games where you move the tiles around to make a picture. H slept next to the window wall which also had a heater beneath it, more than once he lay slightly over the side of the bed and got a very hot backside… more uncontrolled laughter from us in the middle of the night. Good job we were the other end of the bed small space for big people

We had a great time and probably went more places than we would have had it just been H and I. But it was also the little things that made the holiday for me. The journey from Gosport to Devon was great. The roads were good, it didn’t rain either which is also a bonus but it as being back in the country that touched me the most. What a perfect time to travel, along side the roads and motorways the gorse was in full bloom. I have never seen so many flowers on the bushes in my life.

Roadside Gorse

Roadside Gorse

holiday 2013 156
These pictures were taken through the window of the moving car and don’t capture the amazing colour well enough. Hooray for digital photography. The next two were in a tunnel.. I couldn’t resist it.
on the move the other side
We visited some really amazing places.. take a look at the next two.. just another village? well yes… the model village at Babbacombe.
model village wedding bells
I could post dozens of photos but that is like inviting friends round for drinks and subjecting them to hours of boring holiday pics so I will end with just one more of a feathered friend sheltering from the rain in the new buds of a roadside tree. sheltering from the rain

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Saturday Shop, Bah!

I don’t know about everyone else but weekends, far from being a relaxing time,become the busiest day of our week. OK housework is all done so apart from the mopping up after any small people visiting, it should be a time to relax. Especially for poor Harry who works a 12 hour day, five days a week. We seem to spend Saturdays trawling round various supermarkets and shops. I like to have a list, get into the store, shop and go home to put it away. Well that is my plan every time but, bless him, Harry is a browser and most of the weekend is spent ‘window shopping’. I can hear my daughters say ‘And what’s wrong with that?’ I hate shopping! that’s what’s wrong with it.
This week, I tried to get round it by shopping online; I spent less, got exactly what I wanted and felt really satisfied that I had foiled the shopping wander. Hmm, there is always one thing I forget.. this week was cat food, and I do agree, the supermarket has the best priced stuff, always difficult to buy because the cats are so fussy it’s unbelievable. Never the less, I groaned at the prospect of the trip despite only needing one item, especially having thought I’d got away with it this week. Three shops later and an entire afternoon wasted I return home exhausted with sore feet.

I’m not complaining really, it becomes a bit of a laugh and if I didn’t have to deal with the pain of an auto-immune problem, I would probably love it. A friend of mine suggests I get a ‘doom buggy’ she calls them. She works in a supermarket so I’m guessing that has something to do with the name, but all the while I can walk I will and it is really so nice when I get back home and enjoy a cup of coffee knowing it is all over for another week.

I do confess to being a bit of a hoarder but I’m also a neat feak. The kids laugh at me when I do my housework and bandy suggestions like OCD. No I like my home to look nice. So where does the hoarding come in? Just open my fridges, freezer and food cupboards. I was from a large, poor family as a child where at times food was meagre and I have also a large family of my own. We lived for many years in very rural Hampshire where the nearest decent supermarket was eight miles away so we shopped monthly. You could afford it in those days! I guess I got used to keeping a store cupboard because I still do the same when there is just the two of us. I reckon I feed us for quite a few weeks without ever having to go to the supermarket, which, I might add, is probably my subconscious intention, so why do I need to go shopping every week? Oh yes, I prefer to eat fresh food. I reckon that maybe, just maybe, it might be me causing the problem after all? Hmmm
You'll never know when you might need it! Fruit anyone?

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Postaday2011: A marathon holiday

It has been such a great holiday, with four bank holidays in two weeks, many peple strategically booked their three days off smack in the middle and got eleven days off losing only those three statutory days. The bank / public holidays were Good Friday, Easter Monday, The Royal Wedding and May day s0 taking in the weekends that is a really good holiday. My own has been busy, busy, busy. I have had visitors and Harry at home.

We are continuing our decluttering, which, even though no one would notice, seems to make the house just feel better. Still a long way to go but we are on a roll here. This weekend we took huge bags to the charity shop and are still fighting how to get all the recycle stuff into the bins so they will be taken without question… still working on that one. I think I might just have to catch the refuse collectors and talk nicely to them..

A little while ago H thought he might like to take up wood turning as a hobby once he retires in a couple of years or so, he went out and bought a lathe and chisels and several other bits, he was also given some wood and books, and subscribed to a magazine. Needless to say he discovered it wasn’t for him and so all the equipment was going to the charity shop when we learned that my uncle was restocking his workshop with the same… It was such a pleasure to give the stuff away to someone who really apreciated it. On top of that I got to spend a few hours with my aunt who, as 15 months older than me, I had grown up with. How nice it was to look at old photo’s that reminded me of my younger years and remember my grandmother too.

We naturally took some photos and here is a picture of myself, with my aunt, Uncle, my daughter Tabby and her daughter Millie.

It was such a wonderful conclusion to a great holiday, well not so much for me because I am at home all the time anyway, but for Harry, to have such a long break was really nice. There is something special about the times he is at home. We do more together and because he doesnt have to get up at 4.30am, we can lie in and enjoy a restful day doing just what we want. I don’t reckon he bargained for 15 minutes of physical exercise every morning before breakfast though..

On the topic of hobbies, I have plenty and am actually very busy but H has none, he has thought of photography and bought a bigger camera for that very purpose but most interestingly he and his former lodger, and now my daughter’s husband, have got together, following one of my previous entries, and have decided to get a boat between them to sail on the local pond. Warship? Torpedo boat? who kows but the last I heard a fishing boat was favourite…. watch this space!

Before I conclude this post I have to add the most wonderful picture of our little Millie that Harry took so maybe photography will be a good hobby for hm too. See what you think.

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