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Postaday2011: Dieting update

It has been just over a week and a half since I started my diet in earnest and so far it has been a success. Not easy to stick to but I have the added advantage that I am not very fond of sweet things. Mind you I think cheese, crisps and such savoury delights as fried chicken are just as difficult to avoid, I did it though. Nothing has passed my lips that wasn’t healthy, mainly vegetable and fruit in origin and only low fat meats. To date I have lost 7lbs and I am proud of myself, it’s just a pity that I am the only one to notice it at the moment. You know those  things like being able to bend down and pick things up easier, can walk up the stairs without puffing so much, being able to stand straight and not see my belly beyond my bust. You know, the little stuff that only I know.

I say I have dieted it away but actually I have also started on an exercise routine. I started with ten  minutes a morning. I put on a disk of reggae music, don’t you just have to dance when you hear that beat? And I just moved about a bit to the rythm. By the end of the first week I had a good rhythm going and was more energetic, so much so that now I am doing 20 minutes a morning with weights. Well, only half a kilo in each hand but still better than nothing.

I am not sure it is doing my badly affected arthritic knee and hips any good and I am having to take painkillers at night but my shoulders and elbows have improved and no longer grate or hurt quite so much. I know I need surgery for my knee but unless I lose the weight it isn’t going to happen so I am in a catch 22 situation. I either sit back and do nothing or exercise and help my weight loss and fitness in preparation for it. Obviously, I don’t do anything that would put myself at risk of accident or extreme pain so my ‘dancing’ involves moving as much as I can.

I use various stretching exercises and basically put them to music, sometimes I have to dance without moving my feet, other times I can dance freely and walk easily. Not up to jogging but a reggae walk on the spot is manageable. I have graduated to the weights because I could, simply that! It all helps to burn the calories at the end of the day.

The best bit of it all is that Harry is doing it with me and we went out and bought some cheap T shirts, H bought a pair of joggers too. As part of the encouragement I am starting a diary, weight loss, exercise etc, it also includes those awful before pics in our underwear, ( for our eyes only, haha) and measurements along the way. I noticed there wasn’t a lot of difference in our waist sizes so I tried on the jogging pants. They fitted! First time I have been able to pinch any of Harry’s clothes and I am delighted. He went and bought another pair for himself but I have now officially a set of gym wear!

I know I am going to do well but at some point I am going to need more motivation so I am seeing the weight nurse tomorrow and am joining a slimming class to give me support. So far I am pleased with my loss, Harry has lost 5 lbs too, and am loving the fun exercise routine, pity about the extra pain. I am hoping that in time it will lessen and everything will become easier but at the moment I feel good and am so very determined to make this a lifetime thing. I just long for a time when I am in less pain and have had my knee sorted, then look out world, I shall be back out there!

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