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Postaday2011: A nothing day

All my good intentions went out of the window today. I had everything planned because I intended to carry on and do some more of the spring cleaning that I started yesterday. Trouble is I had such a painful night that I was so slow this morning. So I ventured out in the only sunshine we’ve had this week and took a walk down my garden. The weeds are doing so well and all without any help from me. Sadly I am not sure how many fish are left in the pond, there is a heron who has discovered the netting doesn’t cover the water and I think he’s been fishing. I hope they are just hiding in the pondweeds. I think once the weather has been dry for a couple of days I might just try and play with my hoe, carefully though because I noticed little buds on my forsythia and the daffodils have lifted their swollen bud (Yes only one) ready to open and I wouldn’t want to hinder its beauty.

That was my first mistake, I used to be a keen gardener and it is far to strong a distraction for me. These days I just wander and look, it is a long time since we felled the triffid and I have never been able to get the garden just right but I think I going to give up on veggies and try herbs this year.. Hmm I’m dreaming again, note to Marie – stop procrastinating and do some work!

Talking of the weather, I know we always complain about it,  but I am a watcher, not just my little garden, I love all wildlife, the birds, the world around me.. Harry often complains that I say to him ooh look a beautiful cloud or some other such natural phenomenon. I get responded to with a curt ‘do you want me to look or drive the car?’ So I got into the habit of having my camera with me every time I go anywhere. So many people walk along with their heads looking downwards, I say, look up! you are missing the most wonderful uplifting beauty you’ll ever see… and it’s free! Here are some of my photos, hope you too enjoy them and are inspired to look up, not down.

Before I look up, this picture was one that I spotted as we drove through my old village. Bless H, the sun was shining and having begged him urgently to stop because I had spotted something in the hedge he obliged. How rarely do I see such beautiful things as Robin’s Pincushion these days. These clouds below were outside my home a few weeks ago.



When my children were small we used to play the game of cloud watching, I think they would have loved this chicken If I can get this picture to load I will stop here because I keep losing the curser and the pictures won’t load… I’ll try again tomorrow..  Oooh it loaded. Well I thought it looked like a roast chicken or maybe a frog? Gonna stop now while the going’s good.


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