My name is Marie Fullerton-Barrett and I am an aspiring writer. I have always written for my own amusement but about six years ago I did a degree in English/Creative writing, not bad for a 50 year old woman, I got a 2.1. I am eternally proud of this achievement because I left school, having never having sat an exam, at fourteen.  Since my degree I have written short stories, poetry and my first novel. As it is the first draft I need to do a lot of editing and vamping but never the less it is a novel. I recently went on holiday to Cornwall to research the places  have in my head for my second novel, spoke to some lovely people and have images firmly fixed of the places I want to include. Writing excites me and if I get moved by what I am writing it gives me some hope that others will like it and feel the story too.

I have only had poetry in anthologies and online ezines published and a short story in a writer and artists group e-zine so far  but, like most writers, it is my dream one day to hold a book in my hand that I have written, and that has been published of course.

I have a large family of eight children and fourteen grandchildren and a vast life experience that has given me plenty to write about but the best things of all about being a writer is that I get to talk to some amazing people and read some amazing books. Why read books? Because if you don’t know what the market is selling, and it changes so quickly, then how can you possibly write what people are reading? Talking to people is its own reason and I never cease to be amazed at all the many different stories that I have been told. There sure are a lot of lovely people out there.

Looking thoughtful at Jamaica Inn

Looking thoughtful at Jamaica Inn

Talking of great stories, I have to add my partner, Harry, here. As a submariner for eighteen years and sailor for five, he has some amazing tales and has indeed been the source of a lot of inside knowledge for my second novel. His wealth of information about Navy life and his tales of various and dubious exploits means he is great at dinner parties too, oh and as a bonus, he is trained in silver service…. what more could I ask for. Then I have to mention his support because behind everything I have achieved he has been there standing in the background believing in me, so thanks Harry, for everything, you are a great guy.

Since I developed arthritis about five years ago, I have had to give up work and writing has been my means of escapism. I cannot sit for so long now and everything takes so much longer to achieve but the freedom writing gives my mind is a bonus. Harry and my youngest daughter do help me such a lot and are often my inspiration, especially as they believe I will be published one day soon. My son In Switzerland is also a fantastic source of inspiration, himself a musician and songwriter, he has unsurmountable sources for great storylines or adventures. My daughter in Spain is another and I must also include my daughter in Florida too, just by telling me the wonderful stories that my grandchildren get up to is brilliant resource for children’s writing. But really I should include them all because each one of them has something special to share, Bless them all.

windswept on Bodmin

windswept on Bodmin

I think for me the main purpose of writing this blog was to help me to become more disciplined at writing and apart when I have had visitors or been away from my  computer, it has been a success. This blog also gives me a chance to air my views on things and share with family and friends some of the things I get up to. I have my Uni friend, Shar, to thank for kicking my butt too, she is another of my greatest inspirators, good luck with your MA Shar! and thanks for everything, good friends are to be treasured but I’d never dare lock you in a box, I’d never get to hear all your exploits.

How difficult it is to write about oneself without sounding too arrogant but I think this is ok and it just remains to say a big thank you to those that do inspire me: Harry, my children, Sharon, Olivia and all those people that pass through my life leaving a smile and a kind word of encouragement on the way. Now here’s to completing my novel and getting published….

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    […] I skimmed your blog a bit, and I presume you are a member of at least one writer’s group. Have you been letting members of your group know when you have posted something that you think would be of interest to them? […]

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      wordangell said,

      Thanks everso for your comment. I am soo new to this. I am secretary to a fairly new writer’s group and very new to getting my blog advertised. I will definitely pass details of my blog and indeed the value of blogging on WordPress to our members. I really appreciate your comment. Thank you M

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    1961 Girl said,

    Hello Marie.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today and for leaving your lovely comments. I’ve really enjoyed reading through some of your posts and wish you every success for your future writing career. If you’ve not already come across Quidmont, you might like check out Bob’s blog here as he offers great support for aspiring writers and authors http://quidmont.wordpress.com

    It sounds as though you are blessed to have a wealth of inspiration around you. With children living around the globe, the travel opportunties must also offer a vast range of different experiences to bring into your work.

    Good luck with Postaday…it is a quite a challenge isn’t it?
    Best wishes,
    Juls 🙂

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      wordangell said,

      Thank you for popping by Jules, I am indeed very blessed though I am not a great traveller, pen on paper maybe …I will look at Quidmont. Thank you for the reference. Love the blogaday challenge, especially as I have never kept a diary or blog this intense so far… but, so far so good.. blessings Marie xx

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    Quidmont said,

    Hi Marie,

    Pleased to meet you. You stopped by my Quidmont blog to say hi as a result of ClassyRose’s RandomBlog2011 challenge. I’m glad you did.

    I don’t know if it was completely random or not but I’m always glad to meet fellow writers. At least, that’s what I aspire to.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

    – Bob (Quidmont) Johnston

    • 6

      wordangell said,

      Hi Bob/quidmont, I am so new to all of this but thank you for your reply. I am stepping very cautiously into this world and so far the folk I have been in contact with are great. I look forward to knowing your work too. Marie

      • 7

        Quidmont said,

        Caution is good, especially in any new venture. But there’s great opportunity this week with Rose’s RandomBlog2011 challenge on top of the Post-a-day / Post-a-week challenges. This is a great time to meet people!

        Good luck Angel!

        – bob

      • 8

        wordangell said,

        There is so much to look at read now that I have found out what to do, Rose is a star! such patience with strugglers like me. Thank you again, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. 9

    dizidaisy said,

    “I think for me the main purpose of writing this blog was to help me to become more disciplined at writing”

    It’s working! You’re a brilliant writer Marie – one of the most creative people I’ve ever met! xxx

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    ferragudofan said,

    ‘My personal A~Z of…’

    As one of the “three musketeers” helping to set up this project, I thought it might be useful to set up a ‘hub page’ about ‘My Personal A ~ Z of…’ where we can all upload our country and blog details – and then add our A ~ Z posts. You can find this ‘hub page’ at http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/ and you can find the links to the ‘List of Countries’ page http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/a-z-list-of-countries/ and the ‘List of Blog Posts’ page http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/a-z-list-of-blog-posts-letters-af/ via these links. Or just click on my name above and it will take you to the web-site – you will see the tab on the top for ‘My Personal A ~ Z’

    I have added you to the list – please let me know if any details are incorrect … and feel free to add the links to these pages to your blog and let everyone know – the more the merrier!

    Please add a comment to any of the pages to have your details added or changed – and then please add your Blog Posts as you write them – you will also find this a useful place to find other Blog Posts for you to link to and enjoy reading. I’m happy to create a free jpeg logo for anyone that wants one for their country’s flag – or just make up your own!

    This is a fab idea – thanks to Julie Dawn Fox for starting it all – let’s all link up and share each other’s blogs – and hope you all enjoy the ride!

    Love Alyson

    • 12

      wordangell said,

      Thank you Alyson, I think this is a really fab idea and am so pleased to be a part of it. Will try and link everything tomorrow. Looking forward to reading about other countries too. Marie

  6. 13

    Not only a good writer but an amazing illustrator. Trevor Forestm the author, (me,) is very grateful and so proud of all his book covers. What a star you are,

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