Well, I think I am managing to achieve everything I hoped to. I mean just about everything. Just over a week ago or is that nearly two weeks.. hmmm #scratches head# anyway I had a whole list of projects and stuff I needed to finish. You know, the sort of slightly non-essential projects like altering clothes, well they had been sitting around in a neat pile for several weeks so maybe they had become more urgent. I love sewing but mending hmmm one of those jobs, anyway I actually got round to doing it. I had to be creative with my time and I had to close my eyes to the very essential stuff like housework and laundry, in order to get it done. I was so pleased with myself, two tops altered, Harry’s trousers turned up and a pair of PJ bottoms finished. I started making these PJs some time ago they had become yet another UFO in my sewing drawer but I am so proud that I completed then and that they actually fit me..

I just love this fabric.. I haven’t yet cut out the top but well that’s another project.
I have also been working on a 6 week writing course, or was it 8? Anyway, that is going really well, I am disappointed with the haphazard way it is organised and feedback is almost non existent but you can glean a lot by reading other people’s writing. It is soo great to get back into writing.
At the same time I have been illustrating several children’s books for Trevor Forest and this week I have completed a marathon 30 odd pencil drawings for his Magic Molly series. Then I have also drawn pictures for another writer in South Africa, they were really interesting to do and took me well out of my comfort zone then I feel that it is also progressing me as an artist too and everyone seems happy with my work. I have another writer that has asked me to work on a second book with her too. Busy, busy, busy.
My biggest and longest UFO has been in progress for over thirty years, a patchwork throw. When my children were small, over forty years ago some of them,I used to make their clothes and, being a bit of a hoarder, I kept all the scraps from the little dresses and shirts. Even my marernity smocks are there . Then when they got older and grandchildren arrived, I collected pieces from their clothes and fancy dress outfits I made for them until today I have a spread not quite the size I want it to be but it would possibly fit a double bed. I want it king size! My children all love looking at it and remembering the dresses they wore and the times they had wearing it. Fabrics are matched up with photographs, wonderful! It is a real memory treasure. Today I buy fabric and the colours are much denser on the outside than the much more reserved colours of the seventies but that makes the cover even more interesting. The following pictures are the stages and supplies, boxes of hexagons, flowers made of seven hexagons and then nine stitched ready to make into a strip , at least twenty tiny hand sewn stitches to every side that is then attached to the body of the cover… hours, days and years of work and a lifetime of memories.



It is this project that keeps me sane and grounded when I am getting bogged down with everything else. I am just pleased that I have been able to find the time to sit and write. My next challenge is… time management… hmm maybe.

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