Nearly there!

I have done most of the work on the course but still have one day to complete the first week. I am still looking for my character and can’t make up my mind if it is to be the bag lady or the ‘hoodie’.. knowing me it will be someone completely different but I must get him or her written tonight. Getting excited about writing and have looked out all my books which always inspires me, now can I get this thing going again?… I guess my biggest hurdle is time-management and that is something I really have to work on, I think I need a little switch on the back of my neck to keep my storytelling brain on, oh and a radar for seeking out those illusive ideas that keep escaping me.



Ok so I managed to procrastinate till Sunday but I am pleased to say today.. I am in total control. Dinner in the slow cooker, fruit and other veggies are all prepared and in the fridge. I completed the last pic in a set of illustrations for the Magic Molly book – The Yellow Eye, bread puddings on the go.. there’s no stopping me today… Mind you I look out of the window and think that I really ought to be outside soaking up some vitamin D while the sun is out but hey! I wouldn’t enjoy it knowing I had a load of other stuff to accomplish indoors. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day too.

I am keeping this post short so that I can come back later on and add that I indeed completed everything I hoped to, including the pile of ironing and some clothes I need to take up, so watch this space!

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