Inspirational Question?

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

The one experience that changed my life eh? Now that is an impossible thing to answer. Maybe I am someone strange because there isn’t one, an experience that changed my life I mean. Does anyone have just one experience? I ask myself this over and over again. My life must be incredibly chaotic when I think about it because I have have an experience every day that changes something in me and therefore how I see, feel hear, taste and live my life.Taste life

If there was to be one thing I guess it would have to be… being born or was it my first word or step, school, the bully, my first sexual experience, marriage, giving birth? I could go on and one could say they are just ordianry things that happen to everybody, so what other stuff that might not happen to other people has actually changed my life?

The way I see it is that every living moment is an experience that changes something about me. I see something crazy or beautiful, poignant or tragic, something minute or something magnificent in its magnitude; hear a voice, the sounds of nature, an emotive piece of music or an article on the radio; Hearing time passing[/caption]

Hearing time passingnotice changes in me, my partner, the world around me, my garden and feel tiny things that only I will ever know just what they mean. Every single one of these things makes a change to the way my day will be or influences how I will do things from that moment on. Each one of them is as important as the next in forming my world and how I exist in it.

So I think this inspirational question has itself, changed my life. It has made me think about the little things. It has made me think that maybe my life is boring because I haven’t experienced an epiphany of any kind but then maybe it shows me that I am a person that walks through life noticing the little things and appreciates every single one of them as a special lifechanging moment that makes me into someone new every time I become aware of it.


Hmmm, I can see that this is one of those questions that goes round and round and ends back where it started. A bit like the circle of life really. I know, today’s experience has been trying to answer an unanswerable question because it has made me notice the little things, shown me a different train of thought and given me an idea for an article I could write… Don’t ask me tomorrow though, I’m not sure I could cope with too many life changing experiences like this….



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