Armchair travelling.

I am really enjoying the research and history of the UK in my A – Z of the UK. Not only that I am getting to read blogs on the same vein from far away places but I am learning probably more than I would if I visited the countries. I would get so awed by the beauty and architecture I would forget to look at the things I was supposed to. Everything I saw would be through an artists eye and I would miss real stuff. Seeing countries through someone else’s eyes and from the comfort of my arm chair helps keep me focused.

It reminds me of what it was like to read as a kid, how I loved those old books, Pinocchio, the original version, The Water Babies, poetry by Georgina Rosetti. I even memorised one of GR s poems and I can still recite it to this day. By the time I finished degree my six years ago that included literary history, I had lost something really special. I no longer read a book for the sake of losing myself in the story. I could no longer watch a film, drama or play for the same reason. I was taught to analyse everything from a writer’s point of view and that knowledge leapt in first and I was no longer a reader… I had become a reader. I had got so excited about the learning I never really felt it creeping over me.

Mind you, I have that same excitement at the moment as I look for places and towns to blog about. I have to admit that it is the history that captivates me, more the social history than the political although there is often little to separate the two. How great it is to look at a place, find out the ancient history and see what life is like today because of that history. My mind immediately paints a picture, or activates one of those fast forward films as I watch the generations that have molded and changed a place. How language has influenced place names and why. How spelling has developed leaving little smatterings here and there to remind future generations of their origins.

So yes, I am enjoying reading other writers views on how they see different places, probably, no definitely, a much clearer vision than my own. I am not a traveller and have never left the UK so it is really special to get to know some of the rest of the world through another travellers eyes from the comfort of my armchair.


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    My bookcase is full of travel books about places I will never visit but I enjoy reading about them.

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