GRRRRR… where did that go?

Today I was hoping to post my first entry for the challenge, A to Z of the UK… as I plan to look at the history of towns round and about the UK. I started with photos and info on Stone age Britain and moved onto my town for the letter A, Arundel. I know Arundel by passing through so I decided to do a little research and it has some wonderful history so I wrote what I thought was a nice piece of work. Then I hit the wrong button, tried to recover it and lost it completely… It was a lot of work so now I am back to square one but at least I know where I am going with it.. more than I do with my lap top, the mouse pad has stopped working… got plenty of gremlins today!

I have got an external mouse so that’s sorted but my first post will have to be tomorrow until then the picture on the left is one of several interesting artefacts we dug up in our garden in the village near Chichester some years ago. It is, I think, a scraping knife and fits the hand beautifully in two different ways. The UK has some wonderful ancient history and I intend to explore and research it all, along with the more modern stuff of course, so till tomorrow …


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    Is there anything in autosave

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      wordangell said,

      No, I think I must have hit delete at the wrong moment. I was deleting what I thought had rewritten and it all disappeared, all that was left was something that I didn’t need. Will work on it tomorrow… big Grrrr, lol

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