Our amazing world

When I got up this morning and looked across the rooftops there was a dusting of frost over everything, the first frost this year. The sun lit the facets and they sparkled like tiny stars and I remembered the wonderful times we had living in the village. We walked a mile to school each morning, winter and summer alike, through rain and shine and magical frosty mornings. They were the best and we made up stories as we went along. I kept a diary back in those days and wrote about every single thing so that I wouldn’t forget. Even today, we look at our world and see, I mean really see, just how many wonders there are that often go un-noticed.

The pictures on here were taken by a young friend of my daughter, Sabrina Thomas, how I love it when I hear of young people with that special gift of watching the world. The snail is my picture, well I couldn’t leave him out now, could I?

There is a beautiful world out there and despite now living in the town there is definitely still so many things to wonder at. I miss the birds here but we get to watch those amazing geometric dances of the starlings at dusk before they all disappear beneath the train platform. Bronze coloured foxes yap and call during the night, so brave they are in the town. In the country the sight of a person would send them vanishing into the undergrowth, here they sit and look at you as if saying ‘and you want what?’

There are badgers that come out at night and so many bats in the summer and of course my wild plants.. or weeds as Harry would say, but just looking at the dandelion clock and the wonderful designs in its form. I tell him a weed is just a flower growing where it isn’t wanted.. sad, I hate pulling them out just as I hate getting rid of the snails and bugs. I think I should have stayed in the country, my garden there was big enough for everything to co-exist. Ah well.

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    Beautiful pictures 🙂
    I also have a “Sammy” the snail in our garden. I threw him over the hedge last week, looks like he arrived in the UK!

  2. 2

    wordangell said,

    Oh Pip I wish it were just him. I have so many. I did have to erm.. kill off about thirty that I found. They say people have marked them with nail varnish or something and take them 100 of yards away to another garden, they returned to the garden having found their way back. A scientific test or something.There is no hope for my garden so this year I am growing flowers. x

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