Looking through the other side of life.

Have you ever wondered about all those thoughts that slip into your consciousness, or questioned the meaning of things that happen. I meditate often on things that are difficult to put into words and instead use pictures. I allow my thoughts to go where they need to in my quest for an answer. I was writing on my other blog today for the first time in for ever and re-read some of the other posts. The following quote from a book written by a friend of mine actually puts into words another aspect on some of these thoughts. Olivia has an amazing ability to bring these unique questions in such a simple story and make them live, I wish was a fraction as good.

Reading this has reminded me that each one of us is on our own unique journey and if we don’t understand something then just maybe it isn’t our time to know. I would argue that if I am questioning something then surely it is time for me to know the answer,  maybe it is I that need to seek to understand. I like my journey, it has been amazing but what is truly far more amazing are the people that I have met along the way.. Every one of you has touched my life and changed it, be it for a few seconds, a few words, a kind thought or something deeper and more meaningful but I am so glad you were on the same road for those moments.

Here is one of my favourite quotes from ‘Landing on Clouds’ by Olivia Fane. I am sure you will agree how wonderful it is to take a look at the other side of things.

‘What does a ghost feel who stretches out his ethereal fingers and arrives at something solid? Isn’t it infinitely easier for us to imagine a spiritual existence than for a spirit to imagine a corporeal one? I can imagine the spirits debating the existence of physical bodies. ‘mummy’ says one of them, ‘what does “touch”mean?’ ‘It’s a myth my dear,’ says the mother spirit, ’some say there are tiny particles in space, some say they’ve had a personal experience with them.. But they can’t prove it, and they can’t begin to descibe it. Take my advice darling, the modern way of looking at it is simply to suggest that the inexplicable doesn’t exist.’ Well, the son spirit grows up and lo and behold, as he’s floating over a sunny part of the ethers, he suddenly experiences the warmth of the sun, but he can’t talk about it to his friends – they consider such words as ‘warmth’ to be a mere metaphor. The son spirit says ‘No, no, I promise you, this happened to me.’ but the experience is so other-worldly as to be unimaginable and they say to him, ‘Are you sure you felt something more than an ordinary feeling of love or wonder or goodness?’ ‘It was better than any of those,’ says the son spirit, ‘but I shall never convince you. You will only know the truth of what I’m telling you when you feel the warmth for yourselves.’


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