A quiet day!

As predicted, today I am in pain and extremely tired following a bad night so I decided to take it easy. This morning was very busy playing with my grand daughter and I had the lazy notion of taking a nap after they had gone. As I climbed the stairs, my art stuff was still on the table in my work-room and the call to be gently creative was answered. I have been avoiding jumping in with both feet each time Trevor Belshaw suggested I do some art work for the Creative Cafe … http://cafelitcreativecafe.blogspot.com because I am not terribly confident in my work. I love doing it and usually just add the picture to my collection, however, this time I jumped. With all ideas of sleep leaping out of my mind I became quite excited at the prospect and came up with a very quick picture that satisfied my need to paint something.

I get such a kick out of painting and when I read the story about the sea, I was just unable to resist. Painting the sea, or anything to do with it is the absolute favourite thing in the world. It takes me completely out of myself. It also helps me to forget about most of the pain I am in.. I don’t mind if my picture isn’t quite what they want at Cafe Lit, I had a great couple of hours and I didn’t feel guilty which I would have done had I taken a nap.

I need to rest now, the pain is getting to me and it is my weigh-in tonight at the slimming class –  here’s hoping I have managed to lose some of my Christmas excesses, now that would be a great bonus, I mean after all, it might have been gentle but isn’t gardening exercise?

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    Marie- Hi from Ireland! I LOVE that picture of the girl dipping her toe in the sea, with the wind at her back! You are an inspirational lady and I enjoy your writing 🙂

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      wordangell said,

      Bless you Angela for your lovely comments… I love painting the sea and I love writing almost as much…. BTW I am having trouble commenting on your blog, I can’t seem to find where to unless someone has replied already…??

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