Food for thought

” You are diligent in keeping your car full of fuel. Are you as diligent in keeping yourself full with good thoughts and good feelings?  You can only go in the direction you want in your life when you have the right fuel, and enough of it.”  Daily Teachings – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Had a busy day with three of my grandchildren today so am taking this quote as food for thought before I fall asleep over the keyboard. I love this book and try my best to follow the daily attitude of love and gratitude. All my life I have tried to shake off the learned behaviour of my family. The superstitions, the negative thoughts and the pessimism that all played a big part, handed down from generation to generation, has prevented me from growing as a person. So much that I never dreamed that I could do better than I did. I have managed to achieve so much more than my mother despite being disadvantaged as a child. OK so it took me to adulthood to believe in myself and it has been really hard work but today I am proud of what I have achieved and am still working toward better goals.

‘The Secret’ is a brilliant little book that brings to life just how positive thought and belief can change your life by using the law of attraction. Since reading this I now understand more about myself and my past and am beginning to change the way I think even more. I always endeavoured to be positive but childhood experience ingrained in me that failure was inevitable. If I tried my best I had no support, no-one behind me to say well done and in the end you stop trying. Since stepping out and just doing the things I like doing, like my art and my writing, I am learning that I am successful, I can do these things. I have often been so grateful for the gifts I have and long before I read this book and yes, my work improved and got better and better. I should have realised it then, positive thinking gives positive results.

I have a long way to go, maybe I always will have and I shall never stop trying to improve myself. ‘Every day in every way, I am getting better and better’ is my mantra as is the gratitude for the journey I have travelled. In case I forget, in my pocket I carry a pebble, my little ‘gratitude rock’, just to remind me to give thanks for all the wonderful people, gifts and things around me every day.


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