As part of my new year plans, I decided to try to learn something new every week. Not just something simple like a new recipe, no, my challenge is to face my obstacles. All my life I struggled with things like Maths for example. When I am learning it I understand even the most complicated sum. I understand the importance of maths in science and my brain seems to accept even the most impossible quantum physics – though where that came from I have no idea. I don’t ever remember learning much about science at school, playing with bunsen burners, drawing and naming the human body, dissecting worms was about the limit. We were an all girls school so in those days maybe they decided the topic was more for boys in those days. Anyway back to maths, despite it all making sense on paper and in my head, the moment I walk away from the book, it is gone! Whoosh! as if I had never learned it. I have pages of maths practice that I have written and got perfect but ask me to go back and explain it or do it again, you might as well be asking me to speak Chinese.

So I am not planning on venturing into the world of mathematics in the near future but the other subject I never got to grips with when I was younger was Geography, loved History, English was my best subject along with art and music at school but Geography was another closed book. How frustrating it is to play games of trivial pursuit when I know nothing of the world and countries on my own planet. So, yes you guessed it, Geography is my subject. My task is to choose a place somewhere in the world and research as much as I can on that place each week.

Harry bought me a globe last week, a good sized one big enough to see the names of countries , towns etc and one that also illuminates to define the borders and political areas in each country. Not that politics is ever going to be a subject I would study but never the less it is interesting to just find these things out. I have a world atlas but need to check that it is up to date, if not well I have the internet. I am getting quite excited about it. I know a lot about the natural world because nature and the countryside around me has always been a passion of mine both as someone who lived in the ‘sticks’ and as an artist. I watch all the programmes on other countries so I know a fair bit about the natural habitat in different places and in some incidences, the people. What I don’t know is where they are situated. I was shocked to find that New Zealand was nowhere near where I thought it was and so much smaller. I have susch a lot to learn.

Another reason for wanting to know these things is my 4-year-old granddaughter, Maica. When she saw the globe she was fascinated and we looked for ages at all the different countries. We talked about the sea and different bits of land and in particular the journey she travelled when she went to live in Spain. We looked at where her Abuella lives and where Papa came from in Portugal and discussed how they flew there when she was a very small baby and sailed back when she was two. She listened and asked questions and I got quite excited that she might have understood. That was until she asked about where her friend Elsie lived because she was going to tea at her house. I smiled at the wonderful simplicity of her understanding. Somehow I have to find a way to show her the difference between local road maps and a world map… How exciting! I am so looking forward to learning with her too.

So that is my challenge this year. I think it will that much easier because I know several people from other climes and on WordPress there are so many people from the US, Portugal, Spain who write such interesting blogs and so on so it will open up something special for me. I know one blogger in particular I follow has such wonderful pictures  and stories of Portugal –  thank you Piglet – and I intend to discover other places that are more remote. Silly that I am not a traveller and have never been out of the UK but well, armchair travelling sounds good to me and who knows, maybe next time we play triv, I might just be able to hold my own.


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    Barbara said,

    English and History my favourites too! Maths, well not my best subject either, was it because we spent so much time dodging the blackboard rubber as it whizzed past our ears? As for Geography it still remains a mystery to me, I have trouble working out which is Africa and which is America on a map lol…… I think it was all down to the teachers we had with a real passion for their subject and those that taught from the text book and had no interest in us as students!

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      wordangell said,

      OOOh I remember that and so agree, we had some bad schooling back then didn’t we when you compare today’s ‘facilitating’.. Would love to do it again at a decent school..x

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