Resolution, inspiration, dedication and time management.

That is the plan. This year I am not making any rash promises that I know will be broken within a few weeks but I am going to read more for inspiration, dedicate more time to art and writing and make sure I use all the time management skills I can muster. Trouble is I am the queen of procrastination. Maybe because I have that butterfly mind and love to be busy pottering and doing stuff. I rarely watch TV and never during the day, I do read but I consider that research ahum… good enough for me. What I must stop doing is sitting near the window to type or paint. I start to work really seriously then ‘ …oooh there’s a bird in the garden, hope the cats are indoors…’ or saying to myself…’ I’ll just do that little job before’, followed by ‘while I am here I’ll sort out that pile of mail on the dresser’. Before I know it a morning is gone.

So my resolution is to dedicate certain times for doing things, a bit like working really. Then I must get back into reading something other than novels. I have so many inspirational books and texts, they really fire me up but my procrastination sort of fizzles my enthusiasm down… I have my library all organised in subject matter, partly because I am a neat freak Virgo, partly because I can’t bear to waste time looking for things but mostly because I love my books. The local library is going to do well when I pop my clogs. I should have been a librarian, no, maybe not, I’d be reading all the time. Still I reckon these resolutions should be manageable, even for me.

My other resolution is to be a little more selfish and take time out for me. I am going to meet an ex work colleague later on in the month which I am really looking forward to. She was always such inspiration to me when we worked together. It was because of her that went into teaching and recently when I spoke to her, it was because of me that she did an art course when she retired.. We spend so much of our lives thinking about what people do for us and I tend to forget that maybe I might be giving something back totally unknowingly. So this year I am going to listen to my own advice … I mean I tell my children all the time to go about your business with a smile and a kind word because you have no idea just what a difference it might make in someone’s life and not to be grumpy if an older person wants to sit and talk to you on the bus, you might be the only person they speak to on that day… Time to spend a moment or two to meditate on my day. Hehehe but not so much as I could call it procrastinating, honest.

When I stop and think of all the things there is for me to do my mind goes into a whirl, housework, cooking , laundry, they’re the boring bits but my garden is a mess and stuff needs pruning that should have been done back in the autumn – my excuse is that I was too busy… doing what?! Add the garden to my list of projects to include in time management.  My art is a priority because I do it for other people often and my writing is my indulgence, along with reading but I am sure I can fit it all in. I need to recover from over indulgence at Christmas, the rich food and sugar has upset my poor bones so I need to get back on the healthy eating wagon so I can at least sit comfortably. I am so pleased with myself that I only had any alcohol on Christmas day and New Years Eve… I have done quite a lot of writing over the past 6 years or so, over a glass of wine, so I have promised myself only for special occasions this year and that it is ok to put the cork back in the wine bottle. At the very least it will help to make a great casserole if I leave it too long.

Well, no set resolutions but here’s to a productive, thoughtful 2012, doing the things I like to do, things I need to do and sharing more time with those that inspire me. Easy! It’s all down to priorities and time management. Right? Yes! and remembering that every day is another chance to make some precious memories for the future.

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  1. 1

    “queen of procrastination” Nope that’s me 🙂

  2. 2

    wordangell said,

    You must be my twin, Yeay!!! ; )

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