Happy New Year thanks!

The turn of the year has come and passed and I sit here before going to bed in 2012 with a glass of fine wine. 2011 was a good year for me in many ways and I said goodbye to it with a gratitude that will carry into the new year. I achieved so many things, small to many possibly but often a major achievement for me. I met new people, learned new things, reached new goals, faced many challenges and now I am about to make more for the new year. I have to thank so many people for being a big part of the past year and not least my Harry. Always there quietly – um let me rephrase that… not so quietly – supporting me, making me laugh, cheering me up, giving me encouragement when I didn’t believe in myself and just saying the right thing at the right time. OK there are times that aren’t always that way but that wouldn’t be him if he was a saint. He wouldn’t want that pedestal but never the less – he is my rock!

My family is also a great support, each one of my eight children give me something really special. I am so proud of all of them, each for their own uniqueness. watching them as successful adults and how they cope with the challenges of life gives me a deep sense of love and pride and gratitude. Their success is a measure of mine – be it because of or in spite of. I love most of all how they are all such close friends with each other, how they aren’t afraid to talk to me or question my reasoning as a parent, how they can come and discuss their lives with me with trust, how they are such wonderful parents. There are so many things I love them for but most of all I thank them for sharing this life, this time and this journey with me.

There are also new people in my life that have encouraged my belief in myself. Those that have purchased my paintings, those that have asked me to do a specific work for them, those that have critiqued my writing and those that also say nice things about it. It’s up to me now to accept their words and believe in myself more. Thank you especially to Trevor Belshaw ( Forest) for believing enough to want me to do his art work. Do check his web page out  www.trevorforest.com to see his wonderful children’s books.

I guess the next things are my resolutions for 2012 but I think as I have had a couple of glasses of wine I might wait until tomorrow to post them… Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life, who have passed through my journey for a short while, or who have stayed. If you have been there even for just a moment, you are a treasured memory and therefore very special to me. I hope we will meet again in this new year. God Bless all of you.

Bye bye and thank you 2011, welcome 2012!

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    Barbara said,

    Hurrah you’re back! You know how much I love your blogs and can’t wait for the novels too.

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