Food, Glorious Food!

No, not from the film Oliver although I can’t help thinking that reading the book or watching the film would have been a much more beneficial pastime than eating after the shock I got at my slimming group last evening. I mean, how on earth does anyone put ON four and a half pounds over a two day holiday?!! Well, ok so it extended past the two days – both sides of it –  but part of the preparation does involve tasting, especially when you are cooking for other people. It was a  great time though and the food was good. Traditional Turkey and Gammon on Christmas day with a vegetarian option, and a special supper on Boxing day. My son in law is Spanish, or is it Portuguese maybe a bit of both, anyway I decided it would be a nice change from the same old stuff if I cooked a Spanish meal for him, and my daughter and the oldest of their daughters of course.

I love cooking, I love experimenting and trying out new recipes and as much as I like trying them I love to entertain and see other people enjoy eating them too. As most people will know, I have arthritis  and find it difficult to stand for too long so all preparation is spread from my little kitchen to the dining room table where I  can sit and chop etc until that becomes painful and I have to stand again. I write all this to remind myself later in the year that it is possible to prepare elaborate meals if I pace things out. I managed very well, it took a lot longer than it should and stuffing cherry tomatoes with anchovies, olives and eggs was crippling but never the less, I achieved a fine Tapas meal.

Bless Harry, I can’t explain to him the satisfaction I get from creating a wonderful feast. I mean his idea of getting a jar and pre-prepared stuff defeats the whole object of being a creative cook, doesn’t it? I like to cook international dishes too and the thought of a curry coming from a jar is horrifying to me. Part of the joy of Indian food cooking is the wonderful aroma that hovers round the house from the natural spices. I always feel that if you can walk into a house and smell something delicious cooking, it is a warm welcome. Well, maybe not fish dishes so much. It is hard to explain to him that firstly, I don’t want to give in to the easy way and secondly, I can’t possibly be proud of a meal that was prepared by a food factory. I know he is thinking of me and wants to make life easier but if I don’t keep doing the things I really  love, what else is there?

This extends to my writing too, I find it painful to sit and type for any length of time and I gave up my blogging, but I love writing! I missed writing it.  So little by little I am taking steps to starting over. I love blog writing as much as I love the more serious stuff.  I have re-read the novel I have written previously and just want to throw it away and start again. I think I have a great storyline but how on earth do get all the words to go in the right place in order to make it a great story. Then when the pain starts and I have to do something different, I lose the plot… maybe I need to borrow Harry’s dictaphone to record the ideas. One way or another I am determined to rewrite my novel to make it move faster. Time to read up on plot and frameworking methinks.

Of course, I have so many hobbies that I have many different things I can do, sitting, standing, while watching tv – not that I enjoy the idiot box much – so even if I am in pain I can just change what I do and pick something that involves a different postition. Very frustrating when I have a deadline set. Still all these things do keep me away from the kitchen and so from the temptation of trying the food. Maybe I should get in the habit of asking someone else to taste it? Nah, I don’t think I could, not that I have a good sense of taste any more but I know what it should be like. Harry has a sweet tooth and so do most members of my family so it just wouldn’t work for me, besides, my task this week is to let Harry down gently. Having indulged in a lot of rich food and having to make up for it, a salad doesn’t quite hit the spot for him. I’ve been looking up low fat, low sugar recipes especially for Harry… I don’t like to use artificial flavourings or sweeteners so being creative is essential.

Ah well, I have given away most of the food now, all apart from the cake … a gorgeous recipe for 12th night cake, because no-one likes rich fruit cake, marzipanned and iced and decorated with hand made marzipan penguins on request from my grand daughter.. now that really is too nice not to eat. Good job I have just eaten a huge salad… I might just be tempted.

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    Jacz said,


    Lovely to see you back on here! Your Christmas sounds lovely indeed, happy memories made. Here’s to a fabulous year ahead too 🙂

    Best wishes

    Jacqui x

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      Thank you Jacqui, isn’t it just so wonderful making memories, here’s to me keeping up a better blog in 2012 and wishing you and yours a fantastic memory making year.
      love M x

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