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Back on the Blog

I can’t really write postaday any more because well, I haven’t have I. Anyway I thought I would check my blog again today and suddenly I realised just how much I have missed writing it. I have been so busy with my family and all my little hobbies that my computer, and my blog, has been sadly neglected. My children have been saying they missed reading what I am up to just lately so well, here I am, doing some catching up…

First – the weight loss: to date I have lost 1 stone, 7 1/2 lbs – or 21 1/2lbs. I seem to be making an average of 2lbs a week. At class last night we had another leader who took us through an exercise to help us understand the new option and guess what? I have been doing it wrong! I wondered why, after all my efforts, my loss was so little. Now I know so I am going to go into this week with renewed effort. I am proud that I have done 7 weeks and no gains. I have already gone down almost 2 dress sizes and the arthritis is not so bad when I am walking. It hurts like mad when I rest but it does mean I am able to do more exercise. I put on reggae music and do what I call ‘dancercise’ for 20 minutes every day. Heaven knows what my neighbours would think if, or anyone else for that matter, if they saw me. Being able to walk along Stokes Bay for the first time in a very long time was wonderful. OK the arthritis is not going away but I am hopefully getting closer to being able to have the necessary knee surgery.

One good thing about it all is that Harry has lost the same. He is able to eat different food to me, ie carbohydrates like noodles, whereas I gain weight just for looking at them. I have to keep to complex carbs to maintain a weight loss which allows me to be creative in the kitchen, just another of my little hobbies. I find that cooking the right food in bulk and freezing it means I no longer have to make sandwich packed lunches for Harry, a pet hate after all those years of kids lunch boxes. H goes to the gym three times a week and joins me in my dancing. He does a more macho weight thing I have to add, I tried the weights but it left me in too much pain. I concentrate on just moving about within my capabilities.

I haven’t done much painting but I have , until the abysmal weather we have had just lately, been keeping the weeds down in the garden. Having removed the caterpillars, which we discovered were tiger moths, I now have a border of beautiful little violas. The rain has made the weeds grow so I am waiting for a dry day when I have some time and can get out there to clear them again. It looks easy though, and I am thinner so it might be easier now.

I have been reading rather than writing and H bought me a kindle. Not quite the same as holding a book, less satisfaction I think, but it is brilliant and after all, if I like the book I am reading I can always purchase the paperback for my collection. I love the medieval murder/mysteries and have read several on the Kindle, there is still nothing to compare to the Shardlake series though.

I have started a new hobby too, well not new as never done it before, but my daughter is always sewing and I thought it might be good to get my sewing machine out again. So I am adding dressmaking to my list of things I have on the go. I have made myself a tunic top and a little romper suit, romper suit not for me I add hastily in edit, which is so totally impractical that I am going to change them into dungarees. Suz and I took a trip over to Portsmouth on the bus and we went to fabric land. Lots of lovely fabric to play with! I came back with material and pattern for a pair of dungarees, another tunic for myself and a waistcoat. We took a walk around another store and as we were walking around Maica spotted a little turquoise dance outfit, well, I couldn’t resist the look on her little face when she saw it, could I! It was worth every penny to see her smiling all the way home on two buses and the ferry, clutching the bag with her dress safely inside.

Maica is a tiny slim little girl and the shoes were a little big but as they were for her dressing up box, she didn’t mind.

This trip, I have to say is the firstĀ  I have done for a long time. I don’t usually go out much so when Suzi asked me if I would go across with her I accepted. Mind you the first time we went was a disaster, we were waiting at the ferry pontoon when Suzi, heavily pregnant with 5 weeks to go, fainted. Much to Maica’s disappointment we spent the rest of the morning in the maternity unit getting her checked out. No reason could be found and all was ok , it just seems to be something that happens to her. I think she will be glad when baby Matilda is born. We went a couple of days later and I really enjoyed it. Just goes to show what losing a little weight enables me to achieve. Whatever will I be able to do when I have lost a lot more? The sky is the limit! Just wish losing weight would make the arthritis go away too.

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