Todays topic was to choose another blog that you enjoy and write about it. I have to choose Piglet in Portugal. Not only for the wonderful writing and photographs of Portugal, nor the story of resettlement in another country and its problems and thoughts, all of which, I might add are a really interesting and informative read, but today, Carole blogs about meeting her new grand-daughter, her first, for the very first time.

I became a grandmother over eighteen years ago and now have fourteen grandchildren, number fifteen due in ten weeks, and I just have to say that all the struggles over the years seem to all become nothing when you see this tiny new person who comes into your life and changes things completely, whether it is your first or one of many. Carole writes in today’s blog of a frantic journey, not just to get to the hospital over 2000 kilometers away in time to meet Lily-May on the day of her birth but also to travel from rural to city. Their journey was more than just a fight with traffic but a journey into a new era, a journey to meet a new person in this world that is going to change their life forever.

I would recommend Piglet in Portugal’s blog for the wonderful journey you will have through pictures and extremely well written blog, of the life of an ex pat in Portugal. Carole discusses all the pros and cons of moving abroad as well as embracing life with all its differences in another country in an eloquent style, you will not fail to be captivated with her writing, just as I am.

I wish Carole, and her family, many congratulations on the safe arrival of her first grandchild, Lily-May. Looking forward to hearing all about their life as grandparents. x

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    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the mention. As you can see I am all over the place at the moment trying to catch up with everything. I can’t imagine the stress and expense of having 14 grandchildren. One nearly broke the bank of Piglet when we were in France, and we are expecting another grand-child in September 🙂
    I have to say this has unsettled me in Portugal and wonder what we will do long term.
    We are just preparing for some friends to come round to open some bubbly to wet Lily-May’s head!.

    All the best

  2. 2

    Missing your posts..Hope everything is going OK for you! Hope to see you soon!

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