Postaday2011: The worst meal I have ever had!

I suppose I have been very lucky in that most meals I had out have been really good, but then I don’t eat out much. I love cooking too much to want to eat someone else’s food, unless of course it is with friends who have invited us around to their place for a meal. In which case I have never had a bad meal and the company has always been fantastic.

I know I am going to upset my children and many other people when I mention the worst meal I have ever had. I am not sure what it is that makes me dislike the food so much. Maybe I have read too many things about the company, maybe I prefer really healthy food that I know has nothing added. Maybe I prefer good old home cooked food.

Over the years I have always done my own baking, Saturday was baking day and it took all day. With five children still at home the biscuit and cakes tins were constantly being filled. Pies and bread were baked for the week ahead. Friends the kids brought home came for the cakes, sleep overs meant extra baking… at the time I remember saying that nothing lasted five minutes, little did I know that just a few years later when they had all left home I would appreciate those times so much. These days I only bake if I know we have guests coming or the occasional batch of biscuits if we have run out. Sadly, I throw cakes away with fur coats on by the end of the week where nobody eats them any more.

I am not a lover of cakes or biscuits or in fact sweet things. I have a savoury tooth, as they say. So the need to bake is limited to treating my local daughters to the cakes I baked when we had guests. I always bake several, habit I guess, and freeze them, only to give them away the following week knowing H and I are not going to eat them.

Anyway, I digress, again! My worst meal has to be…. a MacDonald’s cheese burger. My kids love them and although I chose to say they looked awful etc I was in no position to say until I had tried one. My kids and I went along to the restaurant and we all ordered. They were really happy because I was not terribly keen to let them go there to eat. There was nothing I liked about the meal. The burger, was just a burger but the heat from it had wilted the lettuce as well as the cheese, the mayo served only to make the soggy and doughy roll … slimy, is the way I would describe it. Whatever happened to bread? It used to be firm and tasty, today it is like a half-baked dough that depresses to nothing when squeezed between the fingers. Ugh!

As much as I tried to eat the item with dignity, it slipped and slid between my fingers and I felt rather like a caveman eating with my hands and still making an awful mess with it. The chips were ok, but everything else was just plain awful to me.

A little while later I decided to make some burgers myself. What a difference! Wholemeal roll, with substance, home made burgers with onions, salad, gherkins and tomato ketchup, American mustard or Mayo. They were firm and tasty, probably a lot more nutritious and we all loved them a whole lot more.

My kids still go along to McDonalds now and again, but they have left home and are much older, they also know how to make their own burgers and at the end of the day it is their decision. I think, and hope, that the good home cooking they enjoyed as children will have rubbed off. After all, I do believe a good healthy, wholesome and natural as possible diet, has to set them up for life of good health. I do apologise to MaccyD but, I am an honest person and I really cannot stand their food. Now KFC… That’s a different story!

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    suz said,

    ha not been to macdonalds in years mum! or burgerking or KFC, oscar put a stop to that! would love a burgerking burger though! though knowing the crap in it would take a real one anyday instead.

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      Aw Thanks Suz, much nicer to make your own, but the thought of a bought one… oh dear no, now KFC… mmmm that’s different, just the chicken though. m xxx

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