Postaday2011: The first day of the rest of our lives.

It’s such a common expression, cliché or whatever you want to call it but for us it has to be just that. The beginning of a new life for us. Our trouble is, not poor eating habits, we eat really healthy food, vegetarian meals, pulses, nuts, fruit and lots of veggies as well as meat, it is more the fact that I love to cook, I also love to entertain. This means crazy new dishes, lots of them to try and wine to wash them down. Well, that’s me, H doesn’t drink.

Harry has his induction at the gym next Tuesday and I started my slimming regime tonight. I am so ashamed to quote this but, it hasn’t ever been a problem until the arthritis has got worse. I laugh when they say, ‘it’s your weight!’ OK but I have it in my collar bone, my hands, my elbows, my shoulders, in fact everywhere… but none of the aforementioned do I walk on! I have inherited from my mother, my grandmother etc.. it is because I have difficulty moving because of it that I don’t exercise as much as I want to.

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot ever see myself sitting and doing nothing. I am busy all day every day, it is just I cannot walk or run, use my arms like I want to.. anyway I digress. I will hold my breath and state my weight as a starting point to the rest of my life. I know my friends will be shocked, my kids say, ‘you’re just cuddly’ bless them, don’t want to hurt my feelings but at the end of the day losing weight will only help me and at the moment I am the weight of nearly three people.

I weighed 23 stones and 2 pounds tonight and this is my start to becoming healthier. It isn’t going to be a daily thing on my blog but once a week I will touch base and let you know how much I have achieved. I will happy to answer questions if anyone has any along the way. I must be the best nutritionist ever. I went to see one once and what she had to say I reckon any ten year old could tell you… I believe in natural food, no preservatives, no additives, raw as much as possible. Balanced, yes, not necessarily vegetarian but if it is, that’s good too, I have so many wonderful tasty recipes, now all I need to do is get H to conform… now that’s a challenge..

I will post some before pictures as soon as I get some, much as I hate the idea but I think it will encourage me because once, or should I say, now that I have gone public I cannot let myself down. Here is to the first day of the rest of our lives….!

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    Good luck! I must admit I don’t understand stones…we say pounds here…so not sure what the number is, but it doesn’t matter. I wish you luck, hope it works out for you and maybe I will learn something from you or get some advice as I could use to lose some weight myself!

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    wordangell said,

    Hi Sharon, it is around 323lbs I am ashamed to say, but I started well. Here’s to a long hard slog. I am aiming to lose 170lbs, I reckon that’s at least two skinny people! haha… Thank you for your support, I will be glad to pass on any tips and support your way too. Mx

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