Postaday2011: Tidy house, tidy mind

The ‘put back together after the weeks holiday’ event and declutter intention has grown into a major scale incident and we have spent the weekend going through every cupboard and space that we can and throwing out stuff that we haven’t used in ages. And do you know the best thing? It feels really fantastic, like the house feels lighter and we can breathe easier. We are on a roll now and just over the last two days we have thrown away nearly a dozen dustbin sacks of rubbish. Now I don’t want people thinking we live in a tip, my house is always clean and tidy , it is just that we are hoarders. we keep things ‘just in case’. I had books that were possibly unreadable, from my childhood, my children had and were, quite frankly falling apart, sitting gathering dust on my neat, all in order, book shelves.

We had all the folders and files from my uni coursework, so much office stuff, notebooks, pens, pencils, most of them no longer working. I went through my clothes, my shoes, in fact everything you could imagine that 40 odd years could accumulate and I threw it all away. I still kept all the little keep sakes from my children, the mother’s day cards and cards from special friends.. quite a lot of stuff, I am not heartless and one day I will let them go, but everything that had no sentimental value and we hadn’t used went.

There is still so much more to get rid of, and with each full bag we felt lighter in ourselves. We have made some life changing decisions along with the clear out and somehow it has brought us closer together. The tidiness, and phase one , as H calls it, has done us the world of good. We have got rid of the past and are embracing the future. We should have ordered a skip really because we could have at least half filled by now but instead H has taken trips to the amenity tip, we have bagged stuff to go to the charity shops and over filled the recycle bin. It feels sooo good!

The other decisions we have made will hopefully continue the changes, still so much more to get rid off, the biggest thing  to lose is our weight. We both battle hard with weight problems. A lot of mine are not helped by arthritis, even the clearing out has left me in a lot of pain, but the peace of mind and painkillers help. I need to lose quite a lot before I can have a very necessary knee replacement operation. H needs to also lose a lot to help his health too. I can’t go to the gym because of the pain factor but H can. He can’t make the slimming club but I can, so between us we are going to do the best we can. I will post the before picture as soon as I can get my daughter to take it for us and I hope it will be good enough to inspire others too.

At the end of the day, why do we keep clutter? We don’t need it, not even just in case, I envy these people with minimal homes. We are aiming for it ourselves and we started this weekend. Our home, ourselves and our lives are going under the ‘get rid of it’ motto. Believe me, it feels so good, so very good.


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    Stephanie said,

    We have decluttered our whole lives it seems! We’ve moved from a large house in Florida to Missouri, and have had to get rid of several stuff that we didn’t need! It is quite a relief though!

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      That’s a big down size, we are both hoarders and now we are breathing space and I quite like it. I guess it is like a fresh start. Thank you for reading my blog, it’s great to know you are out there. M x

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