Postaday2011: An almost perfect day..

I am a day late with this entry and my only excuse is busy, busy, busy… actually enjoying myself. Apart from a sulky teenager after I had spoken to her about ..well nocturnal timekeeping and typical teenage stuff but well… that’s life…. Actually I think I have a picture that typifies the moment, well the day actually.

Bless her, she spent the entire day not speaking to me or communicating. She eventually changed her mind when her friend returned in the evening and Harry had made her laugh in the fantastic way he makes everyone laugh.

We set out to find a sandy beach and on the recommendation of our neighbour went to Hayling Island, one of a series of little peninsulas on the South Coast of England. As you can see it was what Harry would call a quarry, a pebble beach but as Switzerland has no beaches I would have thought it would be nearly as good anyway. However we had taken Tabby and Millie with us. This was Millie’s first trip to the beach and I was just so blessed to be a part of it.

Millie loved the beach and the sea and spent the entire time trying to eat the pebbles, we took some lovely pictures to remember the moment.

Having seen some other children, she wanted to join them. Although we didn’t find the sandy beach, we did at least have a wonderful picnic and couple of hours where we were.

I had arranged to take my granddaughter to see her uncle, my number three son in Midhurst. It was about a forty minute journey through the most wonderful countryside ever. The 13 mile motorway jaunt led us further and further into rural West Sussex from Hampshire. The road had been cut through the Downs and now a few years on had grown into a beautiful journey, the trees and chalky banks having now grown into  a green mass of countryside. I imagined a beetle running through the grass as we drove up this cleared slice of the journey.

As we left the town the shades of green varied from a dark hunter green to sap green and finally at the yellow tinged lime green, Each tree giving a different shade to the roadside as we passed. Above us the blue sky lost the bright sunshine glare and began to darken slightly as the sun sank toward the top of the hills. By the time we arrived the evening was beginning to cool but not too cool to enjoy a cup of tea in the garden of my son, Scott, and daughter in law, Claire. We had arrived as they got home from work and before little Emily was going to bed… perfect. Claire’s parents joined us from next door for a lovely get together before we had to leave.

We left as Emily was going to bed and began the journey back home. Without the constraints of time we were able to enjoy the scenery around us. The hills of the Downs rolled out in all directions and the countryside reminded me of the nearby village we used to live. Before we reached the motorway again the skies had changed from blue to an orangy pink. Because we were below the high landline the silhouettes of the trees and houses stood out like a greetings card picture, black against the pink evening sky. The chimneys of cottages and farm houses dotted through the fields sent up wisps of wood smoke from the evening fires adding to the atmosphere.

I was in my element and it concluded a beautiful day. My granddaughter eventually came out of her sulk by the time we got home and the following day, my next entry, was just as wonderful.


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