Postaday2011: What do I want to accomplish with my blog?

What a brilliant title for a blog entry and one that gives me so many ideas for writing. You know, at first I got caught up in the draw to be noticed, a bit like good old Facebook. Your success was the number of friends you have, never mind that half of them were so obscure as to be insignificant in your life, if they are on your friends list, they count. I think not! A friend, to me, is someone who is touchable, reachable, at least knows something about you that you can’t read on Facebook and someone you can call on for a night out, a meaningful chat, a hug, a friendly word, someone who knows you personally, I could go on and give you a million definitions of a friend but at the end of the day they are more than a name on an internet list…

I began much the same, other bloggers were boasting large numbers of readers and ‘like’ clicks, I wanted to be like that and when my readers rose from four or five to seventy odd once I was so excited and wanted to write more and more. Then I noticed other bloggers were getting hundreds of hits and it suddenly hit me, I would have to be amazing and work really hard at achieving that. My computer life is far less than is necessary to read and reply to that many readers, in fact it is a miniscule part of life for me because my family and real people that I know and love are extremely important to me. Besides, if someone dropped by my blog I would consider it so rude not to reply, I could be all day on my computer! No, I decided there and then that my blog was for many reasons but none of them to achieve popularity in cyber space with people I shall never meet.

I don’t want to sound at all ungrateful to all the lovely people that I have ‘met’ through my blog, those wonderful people who share similar lives or journeys, that it is a pleasure to share with are so important to me. I love to read their blogs and read their comments and would miss them but to me those few are far more precious to me because I can spend time getting to know them through my blogging and theirs, whereas, if there were’ hundreds’ would any of them be as special? I think not.

Mainly I write my blog for me, my children and friends who like to keep tabs on me. I keep a copy of it all and this postaday challenge will give me a year of thoughts, tipsy ramblings, actual events and well, my life and me daily for a whole year. I am notoriously hopeless at keeping a journal but I have always kept everything I ever wrote, even if it was just a few days of a holiday. It is fantastic to look back and see what I was up to, what I was feeling and best of all remember the moments when I was actually writing them. They serve as a strong memory link for me. I wrote some of my first poetry as a child and I have them still, every time I read them I am whisked back to that time and remember exactly what I was thinking when I wrote them. A bit like certain smells or perfumes that trigger a thought or memory from the past, my writing does the same, only better.

My children are scattered all over the world and although we keep in touch regularly, they all tell me they feel more in touch because they read my blog and know how I am feeling. How much more of a reason would I need for writing a blog? Hearing that made me feel so emotional, I never thought of that. When you live with someone you know the little idiosyncrasies, moods, silly stuff we do and how they are feeling but once we all scatter and have families of our own, we lose that intimacy. That is my second best reason for writing my blog.

Thirdly, I have friends who say the same and query when I miss my blog. I find this so really touching and it makes me realise just how many people out there actually do think about me and care. It’s a warm feeling and I love it.

Lastly, but not at all least, are the people I have never met who pop by and comment on my blog. The biggest compliments I have had was like the one I had yesterday.  When I have finished a day’s work and I need to relax I can read your blog and either escape or be inspired. This is something several people have written to me. I love that so much, not the just compliments but the fact that the mindless meanderings through my butterfly mind can actually be useful to somebody else. Can help them to forget a stressful day, can inspire them to rethink their own thoughts and take a breath or unwind. My blog can actually be meaningful in a positive way! That is awesome!

So, I am glad I gave up on being popular to many and am absolutely thrilled to be comforting to my children, inspiring to other bloggers, offer an escape for a few moments from the busyness of life and most of all give myself a book full of happy memories that I can recall at the turn of a page. I thank everyone who reads my blogs and who take away something from them for themselves, that is precious, that is what life should be like. Letting me know that is like returning the gift tenfold. The pebble in the pool or the smile to a stranger syndrome? It all helps to make the joy and love of life go round. Thank you all.

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    I have a couple family members who read my blog as well as friends from the “real world” and they are a BIG reason why I have kept doing the post a day challenge. Especially my niece/best friend who says she feels like when she reads my blog that I am there with her talking to her and it helps her when she misses me. I live in the South of the USA and she lives in the North.
    I love reading your blog! You have this rich descriptive voice in your writing that I have never seemed to be able to master. I always read your blogs in awe of such talent…to think that you’re not a professional writer but 99% of the time, your blogs sound like I am reading directly out of a book!
    I also can relate to the creative side of you, because I feel we both love the arts even though you can paint so well and I’m better at just the acting/singing end of things….I can’t even draw a straight line!
    Anyways, I didn’t mean to do a whole blog post in the comments, just thought I would like you know how much that I enjoy your blog!

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      wordangell said,

      Bless you so much Sharon, that is exactly the reason I love writing it and have kept it up. If I can make just one person smile in a day, I have achieved a wonderful thing. I always dreamed of writing a book and have a novel almost completed but I think it is too… boring and I need to give it something to lift it from the flatness. I did do an English degree, creative writing strand and I like to think some of it came from there but mostly its just writing what comes into my head… Thank you so much for your encouragement, I really am glad you enjoy it. M x

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    Hi Wordangell it is strange how good blogging is to find out what is going on in your families lives. For example my daughter lives in France, and I read about her day on her blog or on Twitter…long before she phones me. Strange old world.
    I’d rather give her a hug though. Can’t wait to see her and our first grandchild when it is born….any day now!
    I think when I started the blogging challenge we were all encouraged to go on Blog hops and Random blog hops…but in the end it was watering down the quality of relationships and interests . I follow about 20 bloggers regualrly but I now know I can’t possibly comment on their blogs everyday! but I do try 3 times a week…

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    wordangell said,

    Hi Carole, I am excited for your impending grandparenthood, you will love it so much. It changes lives , believe me. I never realised that blogging would connect our family, not so much closer, but with the little things we don’t even think about, like those little connections I share with my grandchildren to my other children and families. For that alone I feel this blog has been great. As this is your first grandchild I am so aware of the feelings you will experience, it is wonderful and I hope you are going to share them with us too.
    I agree with commenting and following other blogs. I read loads and often click like but many don’t have a like button, but I do try and reply if anyone comments. I love the comments. Thank you for yours, it is really nice to share with people that have similar interests and hear all about their different lives. Your photos are amazing! I await your exciting news, veery soon. M x

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    Patti said,

    That seems to me a nice summing up for a blog’s purpose. 🙂

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