Postaday2011: catchup – A day in the garden

Actually is was less than half a day. I am totally unable to potter all day like I used to and it makes me really cross but I have a little fold up chair that helps me so much. I was really pleased because I have been trying to keep the weeds down. I seem also to have managed to deter the neighbourhood cats from digging up my garden, still fighting the snails though. I was so delighted as I looked for some pots to plant some errant strawberries and found a whole collection of little tiny, baby snails. Cruel as it sounds, they will not be destroying my garden this year, so a few less. I need to treat my Hostas because as soon as they know they are there I will have nothing but little stumps in the ground.

Painful as it was I was really happy to have managed to tidy up my little beds and sweep the paths. Of course there is still loads to do but how lovely it was to see the little curls of the ferns as they are waking from their winter sleep. I have several different kinds and they bring a little of the countryside to my tiny town garden. Lily of the Valley are also about to bloom and I have bluebells also just blooming. My poor Violas are still not growing , in fact they look decidedly sad. I ‘planted’ upturned bottles today to fill with water ensuring that water gets down to where it is needed. A bit ingenious I thought and taking recycling to its best advantage, They were of course green water bottles so quite in keeping with the scenery. haha. However, there are still some caterpillars or something eating the flowers of my gorgeous bright pink Primulas, leaving only the green cup that once held them.

I have searched manually to no avail, I have removed weeds, I have raked the soil, there must be something else I can do.. As I looked a little further under the Rosemary bush I caught sight of something rather odd. As soon as I had seen it, or thought I had, then it was no longer there. Curiouser and curiouser to quote Carroll. I dived underneath the blueberry bushes hoping to catch a glimpse of what I can only describe to be a gorgeous little creature. I wasn’t sure it had a watch but it sure as heck looked like a rabbit to me… After peering through the plants and leaves I came nose to nose with it hiding behind my rose-bush. It is, although an odd colour for a rabbit, definitely a rabbit. What do you think? ………


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  1. 1

    Stephanie said,

    OMG! What a cute story! Such a cuttie pie!

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      Thank you Stephanie, I got my daughter to read it while I kept the picture hidden and she thought I’d found a real rabbit… in my town garden surrounded by foxes no less??? She laughed when she saw the picture… Millie is just the sunniest baby ever. M x

  2. 3

    Cutest bunny rabbit ever!

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