Postaday2011: Diets!!!?

So what do you feed young teenage girls? Always on the watch for their figures, sweet things are out and so are many things we would eat. So what is the matter with a good old shepherds pie and veg? English fish and chips? hmmm… I wander into their room/ my studio for a book from the shelf and everywhere there are crisp packets, chocolate wrappers etc. Maybe they don’t like my cooking? Aha, Amanda prefers vegetarian and Julia will eat most things… of course in limited amounts because they are watching their weight… they are stick insects for goodness sake!!!

I laugh because Harry and I are … shall we say… of bountiful stature, and I guess at our age image is less prominent a feature so I think hard for a meal that will satisfy everyone… a trip to the supermarket found a pack of stir fry veg, a pack of noodles and various other vegetables. My faithful Gillian McKieth cookbook and a throw together end up with servings of a Moroccan tagine and a chinese style stir fry. Success! Amanda goes for the Tagine and Julia the stir fry, so tonight at least I know they have eaten well… apart from crisps and popcorn and the like that is…

We took both girls for a walk along the shore at Stokes Bay and Lee on the Solent tonight and we watched the red orb of the sun sink down to meet its reflection on the sea. As we turned around the silver shadow moon was beginning to brighten in the darkening sky at the same time, just one part from a full moon, the bright eye watched over all as the sun drained the final pink from the sky and disappeared taking the last of the warmth from the bay.

The beach was dotted with fishermen all along the shoreline and the girls were fascinated, especially as none of them had their lines in the water. This was something alien to them as Switzerland has no beaches. They both gathered shells and pebbles from the beach to take back with them.

Tomorrow I get to meet Julia’s father who is also in the UK, probably to keep an eye on his daughter, so we will be having a big family meal. I guess an English roast pork dinner followed by apple pie and custard has to be the order of the day.

It has been a great three and a half days so far and only another week to go. We have planned a trip to a sandy beach early next week, the Witterings or rather East Head should do the trick, Harry and I will leave them there, after all the youngsters won’t want us hanging around, and will collect them later on, it will be a good time for us to go exploring and maybe take some photographs to paint later on. I have done all the checks, do they have sun screen, we will pack a lunch for them, have they their mobile phones ( or handies, as they call them/ cell phones in US / mobiles for us) make sure they call us if they have a problem and when they want to come home….

I thought it would be easy looking after my grand-daughter but I find I am more anxious than I was with my own children. After all, being in charge of someone elses baby is a big responsibility, despite them being sixteen years old. These ‘children’ have minds of their own and are in fact, young adults. All we can do is guide them and advise them, they will make their own decisions.

I think we are doing ok, They are still speaking to us and have both offered to help if we need it… and that makes us feel like real oldies, but I guess that is the way it is meant to be, and I am loving every minute of it…


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