Postaday2011: Busy, busy, busy…

Despite all my best efforts I have managed to miss three days of my blog. I want to be cross with myself because I promised myself that I would be strong and keep it up and have no excuses! I have just worn myself out preparing for my granddaughter’s visit. I had been looking forward to it for so long and wanted everything just right. The days I wasn’t able to write I was just plain old exhausted.

Amanda was bringing a friend with her this time, which was a lovely idea because she loves shopping and what 16 year old wants to take her grandmother along. I am a very modern and young gran but am totally unable to walk too far and these young fledglings can walk far faster than I can. However, it left me with a dilemma. The room I usually put her in only takes one camp bed and the only other one available is my studio. Well, my art room really and my study and my ironing room, in fact it is my work room and I spend most of my spare time in there. Having just started an oil painting, I also needed to find somewhere for that to dry where the smell wouldn’t bother anyone.

I gave up my room but it took me two days to prepare it. I had to take furniture out and move things about in order to get two beds in and give the girls space to move. It took longer to move all my art materials because I needed to still be able to access them. I have been asked to paint some more covers and to illustrate some poetry and I am delighted. Any way that besides, I still needed to make it all right for them. I baked cakes and prepared meals until finally I was ready.

All that hard work didn’t come without its drawbacks.. the old pain barrier was exceeded. But tonight I am almost recovered. Not least because these two gorgeous girls are …. stick insects! and you know how much they eat! I don’t think they have even touched the cakes, good job my own family like them or I would be throwing them away with fur coats on as I used to once all my kids had left home before learned not to cook for  a large family. So an easy time in the kitchen for me this visit.

The girls are a delight and have settled in well, done their shopping and I have done my art work so I am finally free and comfortable enough to restart my blog.. How I have missed it! I do apologise for those lovely people who have asked what happened to it and said they all enjoyed reading it and I thank you so much for being interested in my day to day meanderings.

Now I can take a deep breath and enjoy my granddaughter. It was lovely today watching Amanda and Millie together. Millie was comfortable straight away with Manda and although she wasnt feeling a hundred per cent, unfortunately, we think she is getting chicken pox, Millie that is, because Maica has them and they do a lot of stuff together, she still managed a smile and a wave to Manda. Manda is my oldest son’s daughter and Millie my youngest daughter’s little girl, there’s a whole lot of life in between the two of them and I am so proud, in fact I am the proudest grandmother I know. I truly am blessed.

Amanda is the most sensible and switched on young woman I know. She is strong and capable of making decisions and looking after herself and her friend. She is also a brilliant artist  ( I wonder who she got that from lol apart from her Dad ) who has just got herself an elite apprenticeship in her home country, Switzerland. She is going to train to become a window dresser. It sounds little to me and maybe many other people but it is a four year apprenticeship and at the end of it she will be able to earn a good salary anywhere in the world. Speaking English fluently also has its bonuses too.

It is really quite wonderful to think I have grandchildren that are Swiss, Spanish and American and even more wonderful to watch how the different cultures affect their attitudes and behaviour. I look at them and feel that genetics are amazing little things. Even when little Maica no longer lives in Spain, she still has many characteristics and mannerisms of the Spanish, apart from the amazing big brown eyes and the olive skin. How lovely it is to watch them all grow, like Amanda, into young adults. And how I look back and think all it takes is a little ‘if’ for it to be so different and that is the main reason I am so glad I have had the life I have. If I start to think otherwise I just look at my wonderful children and grandchildren and tell myself that I have all this ‘because’ of.

I will post some pictures as soon as we have taken some meanwhile here is the latest of the two ‘Ms’, Maica and Millie.

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  1. 1

    Yay! You’re back! I missed reading your blog and look forward to hearing more about your granddaughter’s visit!

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      thank you Sharon, it’s going to be a busy week and every time I switch on my computer it all seems to be in Swiss???? urgh and it takes me ages to get back to English…M

  2. 3

    Hey, no worries. Enjoy your grandaughters visit. I’ve got so far behind myself this week…so now exactly how you feel 🙂 we just put pressure on ourselves.
    I am still waiting for the arrival of our first grandaughter…due any day now 🙂

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