Postaday:2011 Holiday preparations

The Spring holidays are upon us and the weather has improved immensely, not so my poor plants, my new plants. Every day they are looking sicker and sicker. Still, maybe they will pick up. I seem to have managed to stop the cats getting on the garden though, that’s a bonus.. lemon and pepper do the trick!

I am so looking forward to my Granddaughter coming over from Switzerland for her holiday next week, this weekend is filled with preparations. We did the shopping today making sure we got the type of food teenagers like along with the healthier stuff I prefer she eats, that’s a major thing out of the way. Tomorrow I lose my studio for ten days. I have to move my art cupboard and a chest of drawers not mentioning a pile of canvasses and all my paints and various accoutrements that go with it, oh and the freezer which is in the room for want of somewhere else to put it.

Amanda and her friend are sleeping on camp beds in there and I am just hoping they will have enough room. Maybe I will leave them to organise it, I think that is a good idea. Bless Harry though he has offered me his study to paint in, otherwise what will I do for that time? He uses his study as a dressing room on work days so he doesn’t disturb me with the hairdryer at 4.30 am and he says as long as he has room to get dressed it will be ok. Bless his heart.

We have just bought a Kindle and so he won’t need his computer so much, it can be put away for a while or used downstairs. It’s funny, we have plenty of room for us and there is space for all my art stuff but as soon as we have to move it, the rooms get smaller I swear. I keep trying to minimise our home but I am not very good at it. It’s only when we have visitors that I realise just how much of a hoarder I am but when it comes to art stuff, I never know if I am going to need it. I mean, if the mood takes me for whatever I want to do, I like to go with the flow and I need all the ‘stuff’ for those moments, don’t I? Maybe it is just justification. I can’t go 10 days without any painting and I can’t use oil paint near the bedrooms, no one will get any sleep at all for the smell.

Anyway, that is my whole weekend, making sure everything is ok for the girls to stay. My next problem is what on earth will they do for all that time? Manda speaks good English but her friend doesn’t and where do sixteen year olds go these days? Harry has taken some holiday off to run them out to places but they won’t want to hang about with the ‘olds’ all the time. I am afraid to let them go too far, as they are our responsibility it is important I keep them safe but equally important they have a good time and I know what English boys are like. I am glad that the laws are so strict for buying alcohol and so on. I am sure they will be alright and I am worrying needlessly but when they are your grandchildren, it is even more important to watch over them.

Time to sleep in preparation for a lot of furniture juggling tomorrow.


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