Postaday2011: Neil Diamond made me miss tonight’s deadline.

I couldn’t help it and I knew I would miss tonight’s deadline for my 8/4/11 blog but they put a programme on TV with Neil Diamond on it… I couldn’t possibly miss that. OK he might not have been the greatest pop artist but he could sure write songs, had a great voice and he played an important part of my life. One of my first ever LPs was his and years later I got to know Johnathan Livingstone Seagull which has some amazing tracks on it. They helped me through some really bad times. I was so delighted when recently I found I could get the same music on CD..

So maybe I can be forgiven for not blogging on time. I did have a lovely afternoon with Tabby and Millie after a morning catching up on my ironing… I know I promised not have excuses and these really aren’t excuses they are … um…. reasons? Neither of which I would have missed. I treasure every moment with my children and grandchildren and would give up anything  less important for a moment of their time. As for Neil Diamond, they are fond memories or reminders of times past, both good and poignant, that I just couldn’t resist…

Maybe tomorrow I will find something extra to blog about on time… once I get Neil Diamond out of my mind that is……

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    I liked the song “moon shadow”

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