Postaday2011: Blessing ways

Actually it is called a Blessingway service and I think it is the most wonderful thing that can be done to support a mother to be. I know a lot of people have baby showers where a party is thrown and people bring gifts for the expected baby but my daughter Suzi, child no 7, is such a special person. She knows in this time of recession it is hard to find those extra pennies sometimes and she is so unmaterialistic so she has researched and come up with a Blessingway celebration.

It is basically a ritual of support for the mother to be and originated possibly from native Americans. It is a spiritual ritual where other women come together to offer spiritual support, prayer and strength through prayer for the mother to be. Originally it was thought to be a ritual for many life passages but it is so apt for welcoming a new birth.

First of all a prayer, poem or blessing is said by all those invited to attend, these women can be relatives of the mother to be. a mother, aunt, any older women who are close, friends, midwife, and in Suzi’s case her internet friends. I know they in particular are organising this for Suzi. So the prayers, blessings or poems are written from the heart in support of the arrival of the new life and written down on cards, in a book or flags, any way that is deemed appropriate, these are given to the mother to be before or when she goes into labour.

A bead is chosen be each person and placed on a ribbon for the mother to wear through her labour. Both these symbols represent the thoughts and prayers of support and aim to strengthen the mother in labour.

There are other fun things during the pregnancy that can be carried out with the supporting friends. Belly casting and painting is a wonderful reminder of the waiting time and lots of fun and laughter can be shared, after baby is born it is a reminder of the special days of pregnancy.

Suzi’s Blessingway is a virtual one, organised online by internet friends but at a local gathering everyone would bring a candle and light as a prayer for a happy and easy delivery of a healthy baby. These candles would then be lit again when they hear that the mother has gone into labour. If people were local and not online, a series of promises would also be made, ie, to provide a freezer meal, to come and help with the housework in the days after the birth and such like. Often there are simple things that can be carried out while the Mother is still pregnant like hairbrushing and feet massaging with a scented oil. A lot of these things, whether first hand or online, will connect everyone together in support of Suzi’s special moment when her little girl is born.

Knowing my daughter like I do, this is such a wonderful idea. The spiritual support and strength Suzi will get from the thoughts and prayers of other women will be tremendous and support her all through pregnancy, labour and beyond. I can think of nothing better that combining these thoughts in prayer, lighting these candles and being there waiting for the wonderful news. I shall be honoured to be part of this for her.

Suzi is not materialistic and little things mean so much to her, friends mean such a lot and this spiritual connection is more than she could ever dream of. I can only thank those who are taking part as the grandmother to be, and let them know that their thoughts and prayers will mean everything to Suzi.

I imagine just how important this would be for the native American, how powerful a strength combines to support pregnancy and labour. All these women are there holding out their hands in prayer and touching the mother with the power of the universe. I will be one of those women praying and supporting my daughter and I just know that the arrival of my next grand daughter will be an amazing and calm event, just like it has been for the arrival of many native American babies in the past.

In this day and age of materialism, how beautiful it is to reach out to the spirituality of our ancestors, to welcome a new life into the world with the gifts of the spirit, a candle, a prayer, a simple bead to remind the mother in labour of the support she has and physical help after the delivery. How much better than struggling to buy gifts when often it is the little things like this that can mean so very much more.

I wish you a wonderful labour in calm surroundings and that the thoughts, prayers and strength of all your friends everywhere, comfort you and make you strong for your labour. We all look forward to meeting your little one, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, daughter and friend, and welcoming her to the world.

For Suzi, the virtual thoughts and prayers will manifest as a reality for her in the wishes and love from her friends, a filling up of the spiritual cup, a universal support and cloak of love..I just know it will be amazing!

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  1. 1

    What a beautiful thing! I’ve never heard of this before and it sounds wonderful!

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      I hadn’t either Sharon, it really does sound wonderful and I look forward to taking part. I think I am also either babysitter for Maica or birth partner with Papa. It will be awesome. M

  2. 3

    What a great idea especially for those who already have children. I like the idea of belly casting and the ribbon with the beads 🙂

    • 4

      wordangell said,

      It is a great idea and it suits my daughter down to the ground Carole, Maica and I shall light our candles as soon as Mummy goes to the birthing unit. I can’t wait…M

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