Postaday2011: A girly day

I was going to babysit 8 month old Millie this morning while my daughter went on an appointment and I was so looking forward to it when Suzi called and suggested we took the girls to the park for some fresh air. Aha, thought I a conspiracy is going on here, but I didn’t mind. I can’t get on the floor to play nor can I walk very far carrying Millie so it was nice to have Auntie Suzi and Maica come to play too and help out if I needed it. As it happened I didn’t and we had a great time. Maica decided to share an ice lolly with Millie and let her play with her little dolly. A short walk to the park later and they were playing so well again. Millie loved the swing.

I found out later after I had worried about her slipping out and we held onto her coat, that her mummy got her to hold on and just pushed her, making her laugh more the higher she went. Ah well…








Maica loved the see-saw and Mummy sat on the other end with Millie.


The slide seemed to be Millie’s favourite and she laughed and flapped her arms and legs as Auntie Suzi held her for Grandma to take the picture.







Soon Mummy arrived to find us and we all walked back for lunch. Leek and potato soup to warm us up. Tabby and Millie went shopping and left Maica and her Mummy here. I had bought a tiny watering can and garden tools and Maica wanted to try them out. She watered the plants I put in the other day and planted some little violas for me. As I cleared the weeds, which I had left to grow to deter the cats from digging the soil, we found loads of caterpillars. I was going to destroy them when Suzi said jokingly, but Mum, they are all just asleep, you can’t hurt them. I looked at them in my hand and suddenly these tiny little creatures became personified. She laughed at me but she couldn’t destroy them either. Then she came up with a great plan and I agreed. She could take them home and they could make a butterfly cage for them… Yes yes yes! I gathered as many as I could and put them in a little pot.

Most of them were cabbage whites, I just hoped none would turn out to be leather jackets and turn into crane flies… However, I said nothing but would look them up to make sure.

Maica was fascinated by them and Suzi mentioned the Hungry Caterpillar book which has been a favourite for all the children.









I was just glad we were able to come to some arrangement and I blame children’s books of course. I mean, how could I possibly kill them knowing they were cute little creatures just sleeping beneath the chickweed canopy, fast asleep and waiting for their time to turn into butterflies and lay more eggs to add to the growing population of plant hungry creatures that already co-exist among my poor dog-eared, or should I saw cat – erpilar chewed plants.


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  1. 1

    Country Living said,

    Kids are so currious aren’t they? So glad you got to spend a day outside and it was cute how Maica enjoyed the swing!

  2. 3

    So cute! I can’t wait for the day I have a little one of my own to take to the park, cook with and go exploring with! šŸ™‚

    • 4

      wordangell said,

      Hi Sharon, there is nothing like looking at the world through the eyes of a child, mind you my daughter still has that wonderful gift of still being able to see it now that she is a Mummy. M

  3. 5

    She looks like she is having so much fun! Love their fascination with bugs…I’ve never grown out of that!

    • 6

      wordangell said,

      Nor me Carole, but… as long as they have less than four legs or turn into butterflies and moths, otherwise, I am still fascinated but from a There is a wealth of stories to be made out of bugs and my daughter is great at reminding me of all the little stories I used to tell them as children. x

  4. 7

    Marit said,

    A wonderful story about your day with the grandchildren, Marie, and I love the caterpillar tale. The Hungry Caterpillar is a firm favourite here, too. I love the photos!

    • 8

      wordangell said,

      Got another one tomorrow too, I remember reading that book to her Mummy, in fact we are still using the same one. It’s a bit battered but never the less readable. Such a lovely way to learn about nature. xx

  5. 9

    Lovely to see you enjoying your grandchildren…..thanks again for your reply on my blog
    Ian x

    • 10

      wordangell said,

      Thank you for visiting my site Ian, we sure are blessed to have such gorgeous grandchildren, arent we! I am looking forward to having my 16 year old grand daughter from Switzerland for 10 days next month too. Get out the camera! I love reading about your little ones too. M

  6. 11

    Same here……we visit Birmingham this weekend to see Freya ..6 months old ….we miss her so much …..all the others live close too us ….camera packed lol

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