Postaday2011: Pizza making with Maica

I had a phone call early-ish, this morning. My daughter Suzi said, ‘Mum can you have Maica while I go out my friend, Sarah.’  Suzi and Sarah have been friends from school, through college and Uni for Sarah and Spain for Suzi and they are still such good friends. I couldn’t say no, after all, we had planned nothing, having had another bad night with the aforementioned virus we were useless at planning anything. So Maica arrived complete with Sylvanian animals which I thought she might want to play with as the toys I have were limited for a whole day.

I needn’t have worried, Maica followed me upstairs to accompany me as I dried my hair. ‘Is it in this room?’ she asked. ‘No that is my painting room.’ I said. She went into the next room. ‘You have books in here?’ ‘Yes, I have lots of books in here.’ I answered her. ‘Peter is in here, I want to read Peter.’  I couldn’t think for a minute, then I remembered, almost a year ago we had sat in there when it was our study and Auntie Tabby was still at home, and read the Tales of Beatrix Potter. What a memory that little girl has!

Anyway, Maica loves to cook and so Grampy Harry went out to buy some chorizo and rolls because we decided to make pizzas. Maica chose the recipe and decided on the ones she would make for Mummy and Papa.

Maica chose to make a clock Pizza. I sliced the ingredients and Maica placed them into the little bowls ready to be used. Silly Grandma, Maica has Spanish blood in her and loves Chorizo, peppers, olives and cheese. I think she ate more than we put on the pizzas.






However, we started off spreading the tomato paste onto the rolls. Maica was pleased to help and, with a little support from Grandma, we managed to coat the rolls with tomato puree.

Next we filled the rolls with our clock patterns. Maica managed three before she got a little bored and left Grandma to do the rest. Here is her result.. I thought it was pretty good considering she is only three years old. Ok so the clocks might not have 12 digits but , it looks like a clock!






I carried on and made mouse faces and sweetcorn pizzas. When it came to eating them, Maica was so full of sausage, cheese , olives and peppers that she ate only a few mouthfuls of her Pizza. But, made sure she had one each for Mummy. Papa and herself for her supper.






We had a wonderful time, baking and playing imaginary games and reading stories. It really is so good to have a day off now and again, and to get in touch with my inner child. Thank you Maica for a lovely day. I am so glad that Mummy had a wonderful break without the  stress of shopping and meeting a friend with a three-year old who is capable of the biggest strop in the world. We never did  play with the Sylvanians but Grandma certainly had a great time cooking with Maica. Hope you enjoyed your pizzas Mummy.


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  1. 1

    WOW! I had never seen pizzas made that way…it surprises me how food is so different in other parts of the world! They look yummy and your grand daughter did a wonderful job! 🙂

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      It was a children’s cookery book Sharon, lots of fun stuff in there. Maica was brilliant with the clocks but got fed up and I ended finishing them off but she proudly took them them home for Mama and Papa.

  2. 3

    The Pizzas look such fun! NEver thought about creating faces on them 🙂

    I thought you deserved a Versatile Blogger Award!
    Congrats 🙂

    • 4

      wordangell said,

      Hi Carole, we’ve done some silly things with food, anything to get them to eat. These were fun and really cheap to make using soft bread rolls. Wholemeal and healthy, lol. Aww thank you for the versatile blogger award, that is really lovely. M

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