Postaday2011: Virus attack!

I am beginning to wonder if the universe has some sort of vendetta going on with me. I mean, I am a kind sort of person, don’t go out a lot, am nice to people and do what I can to help, so why, oh why, has this virus come back with vengeance. I woke up just after two am to a strange squeaking noise. In my sleepy state I figured that Harry, who also has the virus, had a strange throat thing going on, just the same as I had in the beginning. So I put in my ear plugs, capable of keeping out the loudest snores, I might add. The sound got louder and louder until I realised it was me!

That was just the beginning, sleep was impossible because each out breath caused an ear-splitting squeak from my throat. No cold water, cough mixture or coughing made any difference. The squeak was here to stay and so was the insomnia that it caused. I was still wide awake at 4,30am when H got up for work but decided against starting the housework I have been neglecting all week so took some paracetamol and settled down to try and ignore the squeak. I guess I must have slept a little because it was 7.30 when I came to, feeling absolutely shattered, and got up.

I did manage to go through the whole of my downstairs and finish all the cleaning, apart from the kitchen floor, before Tabby arrived with Millie. She, bless her had also got streaming eyes and nose. Where do these colds come from? We have both had so many, I got my first one on New Year’s Eve and have cold after cold, or maybe it is a virus, either wayI spent the whole of today coughing fit to bust – again! I really have had enough now, I am exhausted.

I have been trying to give some thought to the last question my son gave me, what has made me the person I am. I haven’t given up on it but I have just not had enough thinking time between coughing to make sense of it all. So I will conclude that when I can think straight at another time . This will be my entry for today, meagre though it is, and if anyone has a sure-fire cure-all, I’d really be glad to try it. Nothing has worked so far!


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    You’re really having a hard time with this virus thing! 😦 I don’t know any cure-alls but I hope that you are able to figure out something to make you feel better!
    Get well soon!

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      wordangell said,

      Tell me about it Sharon, I cannot believe why it doesn’t just go away. Ah well, maybe a change of diet and a bit more of the sunshine now that spring is finally here in the UK. Hope you are well. M

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