Postaday2011: A day of achievements

I did try to post yesterday but the time I was going to post, the page was down and I missed my slot. Can you imagine how I felt when I got a mail from a friend to say she missed my blog and enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much Barbara, little things like messages from a friend are so encouraging.

I was chatting to the guy I have done the book covers for and we were discussing not being confident in our own work. I always feel like that, especially with my writing, even with my art. Yet somehow, I have no problems free writing, or as H would put it, writing mindless drivel. It is quite cathartic and it would seem that because it is what I call butterfly writing it is quite relaxing to read too. You would think I ought to worry about this more… Any way, all my hiccups and problems that prevented me from writing are getting better,so here we go again.

Today I achieved a lot, well I didn’t do them all today but I managed to get done everything I wanted to. Yesterday I completed the book covers. They were such fun to do and half the pleasure is knowing that the person they were for was delighted with them too. That is worth so much to me, more than that, my name is out there on some brilliant children’s books. A little plug here. Amazon Kindle – Peggy Larkin’s War by Trevor Forest, that’s where you can see the first cover, the other two are being released soon. Trevor is a very sensitive and excellent writer, well worth a read and Kindle can be downloaded free for your computer.

So today I completed the panoramic seascape. It has been a few weeks, because it was a big work I have had to fit it round family and life but now it is finished, I am pleased with the result, so here it is to see what you think.

It looks kind of fuzzy here but it is rather difficult to photograph, even harder to try and print out, I have to print the back ground and cut it out, grrr. I can’t wait to see the face of the person it is intended for, I am sure he will be delighted.

Then on top of that I managed to get in the garden for an hour and weed around my pond. I had to sit to do it but it was really satisfying, well apart from finding that the mint I thought I had pulled out last year had spread and grown and the roots were enormous. I somehow think I will not have seen the last of that.

Don’t you just hate it when you press a key, suddenly you’ve highlighted the text and deleted it in a matter of a moment! Ok I will write that again. Today was a great sense of achievement for me and I have enjoyed every moment of being creative. Much better than housework, of which I have done none, apart from tidying up, for the last week. I figured that if I went out to work, I wouldn’t be here and it wouldn’t get done any way, would it? So that is my justification, I do miss the fat pay packets though.

My next project is to go back to my oils, I haven’t painted for years in oil paints because acrylics are so much more convenient because they dry so quickly, but just lately I have got frustrated with that fact, oils do give you time to look and decide before going ahead whereas acrylics are dry before you can even think, so oils it is. Part of the project is to get together a collection of art so that when an open exhibition comes up I can take some along and try to sell them. I have been lucky so far and most of my art has found a loving home but there is something special about not knowing who liked it enough to buy it and always being left wondering. I think the secret is to paint what people want or is familiar to where they live. Simply because if a painting relates to someone personally, they are more likely to want to buy it.Well, that’s my theory any way.

That’s a bit like the seascape. It is a nice scene but it is just a seascape, not everyone would want to see it every day, but to the person I painted it for, it was an important part of his life. He took the photographs I copied for instance. I feel sure he will really enjoy it and that is why I love to do all the things I do, often as a barter for something else or just for the cost of materials. I feel it is so much more important to give someone a bit of pleasure that worry about the cost of it. I mean, there is no price on my pleasure when doing it. Maybe one day someone will come along and think, Wow! I want to pay you lots of money for this picture! and I shall smile sweetly and say thank you, very much… I think I am dreaming again…



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  1. 1

    Loved the panoramic seascape…I really must get my paints out!

    Don’t you just hate it when you press a key, suddenly you’ve highlighted the text and deleted it in a matter of a moment!

    Yep got that t-shirt.

    • 2

      I am glad it has inspired you to paint Carole, go for it, you have some beautiful places where you are to paint. Re deleting, I did that to a whole post once, so infuriating, teaches me to be impatient. Hope you are well. M

  2. 3

    WOW! That looks beautiful, you’re an awesome painter! 🙂

  3. 5

    Marit said,

    The seascape is breath-taking, Marie! I think the person you painted this for will be extremely happy.
    Did you see what one well-known writer wrote in her review for Peggy Larkin’s War? She said it has a cracking good cover! Yes! I’m so pleased both for you as the artist and Trevor as the writer.

    • 6

      wordangell said,

      Thank you Marit, he was pleased with it and I managed to do the housework downstairs today because I am not painting. I will look up the reviews, it is really lovely and all down to you! Big thank you’s always.x

  4. 7

    Patti said,

    Just gorgeous! Thanks for showing us – I’d love to see the next oil painting in stages as you go along – pretty please?

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