Postaday2011: Opportunities

Despite going to the GP and getting the steroids, I have still not taken them. The side effect sheet is, to be totally honest, terrifying. Do I really want to put my body through that. I was told I would have an upset stomach, the rest are possibles. I don’t think so. I am more terrified of taking the tablets than I am of putting up with the wheezing and coughing. I know my fear is probably really irrational but I don’t take any chemicals, I eat as little processed foods as possible and as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can. My body is unused to taking a lot of chemical stuff and I always have had bad reactions to many drugs in the past which is why I am so cautious about taking them. That and the ‘what if’ syndrome drives me to be in complete fear of any manufactured medication. I mean I don’t even take pain relief for the arthritis unless I am in extreme pain and unable to function.

Anyway, my blog wasn’t going to be a moan about my fears. I was offered a great opportunity that helps to fulfill part of my dream of leaving something memorable behind and I have been working on that for the last couple of days. An internet friend asked if I could do some art work for a book cover because she was unable to due to RA. She is a lovely lady and naturally I said yes and produced a picture that the person who wrote the book, liked. He then asked for a couple more pictures for another story which I am in the middle of doing right now.

The first book, Peggy Larkin’s War by Trevor Forest, has been released on Kindle this week, with my picture on it.( It can be downloaded for your PC too.  It is really strange to see a book with my art work and name to it but it goes along with wanting just to get my art noticed. Not for anything amazing, I know it isn’t going to make me rich, but just for the satisfaction that I can do something, have achieved something, important to me. I think this is a great opportunity and gives me a great sense of achievement.

It seems art has taken over from my writing and the same friend showed me details to an art competition. I know many competitions have modern, contemporary art and mine is more classical and realistic but I felt good just posting it off. The proceeds also go to a charity too, so even if I get nowhere, I have helped to raise funds for a good cause. I am glad painting has moved to the fore because my writing is personal and few people read it whereas my art I like to show to everyone, especially recently because I have had so much encouragement from my family that I beginning to believe them.

So here’s to two things, recovery from this virus and to the wonderful friends who gave the opportunity to just sit and paint. Here’s to a brighter future!

I shall get back to the questions my son asked me but at the moment, my head is too full of trying not to cough and splutter to be able to concentrate properly on writing.

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    That’s great news re you painting!!! Well done you 🙂

    Seems you have the same virus as me…it just lingers on and on.

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      It is so awful, am praying it will go soon, three months of coughing and spluttering is taking it out of me… I love painting ans am so enjoying the challenge, trying to imagine what other people are thinking is such a trick to get right.. hope you are getting better soon too. M

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