Postaday2011: flagging again

Last night I slept on the sofa to give poor Harry a chance to sleep. I am so very conscious that he gets up at 4.30am and if I have been coughing all night, which I have done for the last week, he gets precious little rest. Today I am shattered, the sofa bed isn’t the most comfortable of places and as I couldn’t lay down anyway, I had a really bad night, again.

Suffice to say tomorrow, if I don’t sleep tonight, I will succumb and go to the GP, it’s been going on too long now. I hate the prospects and will watch carefully to see if there are any small improvements before I go. I feel sure my immune system should be able to deal with this. Antibiotics are the last poison I want to put into my body. I mean the after effects are worse than the coughing and chest problems I am having at the moment. Tonight I will give my all into positive, healing thoughts so that I might avoid a prescription of chemical drugs…

I know I sound paranoid but I have had some really bad reactions in my past and I have a sensitivity to aspirin which does limit what I can take and explains why I prefer a more natural approach to health. I would just like to know why I have had such bad luck with five infections in three months. I must be doing something wrong. Well maybe, just maybe, I am building up a resistance to other bugs that are similar. I sure hope so…

Back to my blog tomorrow I hope, after a good night’s sleep. M


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    Sorry to read you are still unwell. I had to resort to antibiotics after 5 weeks…
    the bug really gets you down, coughing, pains in the chest and a constant tiredness.
    Take care

    • 2

      Marie Fullerton said,

      Hi Carole, I gave in and went to GP this afternoon. I was given a massive dose of steroids… not sure I want to take them, maybe I will see how things go and pray that nature will do her stuff… just be glad to feel on top of everything again. xx

  2. 3

    I’m sorry to see you’re still feeling under the weather…:(
    I hope you get better soon and don’t have to go to the GP…Does that stand for General Practitioner? You’ll have to forgive me….I live in Texas and I just call them all doctors, lol

    • 4

      Marie Fullerton said,

      Hi Sharon, yes, gp is general practitioner, no forgiveness necessary, my fault, I forget the language difference between US and UK… I was just posting to Piglet, been given a huge dose of steroids but I think I might hang back and see if ity goes by itself first… Do not like taking chemical stuff at all….missed my post tonight, ah well, it’s all just a bit of fun. M

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