Postaday2011:A lazy day!

Usually when I write a title like that it means I have run myself ragged but today, I have literally done nothing! Well, I did paint a picture, just a little watercolour. I was asked to paint a specific scene for the front cover of a book. Well everything else came to standstill and I just painted.

It was quite lovely because this virus has still hold over me and seems to be getting worse not better, so my energy levels are rock bottom after two painful and sleepless nights on the trot. I can’t post this one because I believe the author would like complete rights to it but I enjoyed doing it. Water colour for a change. Actually whilst I was searching out my watercolours I found my oil paints. I have a big box of old paint tubes but I knew I had recently bought some new ones, I was right, oh yeah.. time to switch to oils..

I haven’t forgotten the theme I was writing on and will wander back through my childhood with my brothers but right now, all I want to do is to go to bed and sleep and sleep. Apologies then for another non-descript entry but, on the positive side, at least I am keeping up my blog a day. x

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    I hope you feel better soon, I love reading your blogs!
    I’m envious of the artistic ability you have. I can sing and act but when it comes to drawing, painting, etc., I can’t even do a stick figure!
    My mom, on the other hand, is great at drawing, although she never went anywhere with it and she doesn’t think she’s great.

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    Marie Fullerton said,

    Hi Sharon, thanks for posting, you tell your Mum/Mom to get drawing and painting. It is a great hobby and get her to post her stuff and you never know. I never think my stuff is any good but the guy I did the watercolour for was amazed and is tweeting all bout how wonferful the artist is that did his cover apparently, better still he has asked for me to do the back cover and the next book he is writing… so you never know. I am just thrilled. You sound like you need to go to a drama group and get involved with acting. I can hear it calling to your heart. xx

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