Postaday2011: Determined not to fail..

Well the bug is still holding me tightly by the throat, and chest and anything else it can so I have had to postpone my blog again. Rather than lose another blog post I am posting a little poem I wrote that might just make you smile.

Ketchup Under the Table

There’s no more mash upon the wall
or morsels of food on the floor
handprints are missing from the table
there’s no paw prints on the door.

The bathroom is still tidy,
toothpaste? still in its tube
the towels on the rack in order
the seat remains down on the loo.

There’s nothing to trip me on the stair,
no play dough stuck in the rug,
not one doggy lick or wet kisses
as boy and his dog share a hug.

There’s no muddy paws on the carpet
no fur in wind blown rolls
and I miss the absolute wonder
of removing pen art from dolls.

But before the kids and dog went to Gran’s,
I never dreamed I’d be able,
to appreciate food art on the walls
and ketchup under the table.

Maybe I will be recovered tomorrow. xx


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