Postaday2011: Slipping!

No excuses, I missed Sunday night and have little to offer tonight. I just seem to be rushed off my feet this weekend. Harry has been off Friday and today, which, ok does change my plans a little but he is easy about what we do. We planned to go to Chichester and check out the Oxmarket Gallery at some point but didn’t quite make it, maybe next weekend.My aim is to paint a collection of art and try and do an exhibition, it would be lovely to make some money from my art. Once this seascape is finished, hopefully later this week, babysitting again on Wednesday, I intend to move from acrylics to oils. I can guarantee that once I have squeezed my paint onto my palette, the phone rings or someone comes to the door and the paint is dried and I have to throw it away. Oils take much longer to dry and the results are far superior to acrylics.

My list is quite extensive at the moment, apart from the seascape to finish, I had one short story to critique, a dissertation to proofread and make a few suggestions. I guess that’s the most important to do because there is a short deadline, a piece of writing to read from a friend, my own novel to second draft and a few art galleries to check out. I think I failed miserably apart from one critique.

My baby grand-daughter is poorly with another nasty cold and my poor daughter was struggling, it is her first baby, so much to my delight we were able to step in and lend a hand. What a pleasure I might add. Today she came to us just to get her out of the house and my older daughter also popped over so we had a houseful. Needless to say I didn’t get anything done. I know it does sound like an excuse but I am honestly exhausted. My poor bones are really letting me know but it is all worth it just for one of Millie’s smiles and a great conversation with a three-year-old. Millie loved it when Mummy got into the ball pen with her and decided to give me one of her ‘cheesy’smiles.Photographs don’t show the horrible cough and miseries she has when she is put down to play on her own.

Today Maica and I did some rainbow art, some puzzles and drawing, read a couple of books and played with the tin of farm felts I found for her the other week. I don’t remember my own children asking so many questions and expecting a reply. I think the children of today are so much more advanced and aware of their surroundings it is quite scary. How on earth did I manage with eight?

I will be back on track as soon as I have finished all the things I am doing, I have to add here too that I love doing them, it keeps my brain active and up to date with academia. But my blog is slipping a little. I must find an interesting article to write about. I think one of the prompts from last week looked interesting, so I shall go take a look at that…for next time.


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    Patti said,

    I slipped in my “daily” posting as well this weekend – but I guess it’s comforting to know that life gets in the way of blogging at times.

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      It is Patti, it has been really hectic and I am really sore now but it is worth every single moment. Thank you for popping by my blog. M

    • 3

      It is so easy. I love my time to myself but I think I am liking being a part of my children’s life much more… Lovely to spend time with them and help out where I can… My stuff will wait, my grandchildren, like my own children, won’t stop growing and wait for me, so I must be there for them. M

  2. 4

    I love your blog Marie i tune in most days ….your so kind with your replies on my own blog …..your outlook on grandparenthood (if thats a word) lol so much like mine it seems
    Ian x

  3. 5


    I think real life is catching up with us! I am still reading my buddies posts from days ago…I don’t know where the time goes 🙂 However, it did not help that the post I wrote last night took 3 hours because I had 2 powercuts. The first one I stupidly never saved all the changes to my document…I could have cried!


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