Postaday2011: Friends and a glass of wine or two…

OOh what a wonderful night with friends… After two days of prep.. mainly because everything takes me so long, H and I had a wonderful evening entertaining friends with a meal and, of course, lots of alcohol. Actually, I felt sorry for my friend because she was the ‘designated driver’ and was unable to have more than one glass with the meal.

Evenings like this make me realise just how wonderful it is to have friends. We often have friends round for a meal and we, of course, go to their homes for the same. I got to thinking about just how much friends mean and what we give to each other. Of course I don’t forget that my friend’s husband is the best builder ever and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do any building work we need.

During the course of the evening we chatted and laughed, shared stories and talked about our families. It made me think and I took a step back from those precious moments. In sharing our family situations we were able to view our problems from another point of view which helped us accept or rethink our own values and how we might deal with things.

As we shared our stories we also encouraged each other and enjoyed time listening  and being listened to, such a precious gift to give to someone. By the end of the evening each of us had felt we had gained something, be it a greater knowledge of ourselves, a situation or a strengthening of the friendship we shared.

It helped me realise just how important friends are, those who accept us as we are or who are unafraid to speak their mind if they don’t like what they see, knowing that everything that is shared between them is of great value. There are those in my life that have moved on, for many reasons, and I have kept in touch with them and they me for over 40 odd years, there are others who were in my life for just a few years. None of them is any less important to me because each have brought what they needed to our relationship.  One or two I am sad that they went their way but still count them as precious in my memories because of how they changed my life. Sometimes I feel sad because they weren’t prepared to face their reality despite the good that they give to others.

Friends are so important, not having a family to support me, apart from my own children of course, I really appreciate the time I spend with friends and all the wonderful things they bring to my life. So although I missed my blog tonight and am posting late, I wish to acknowledge all my friends… past and present, real life and online, and wish you all a lot of love and thanks for everything you have given to me over the years. Also, having had a couple of glasses of wine makes no difference to what I say. Besides I will read this tomorrow and still feel the same…

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    I agree friends are SO important. I love my friends…like family 🙂

  2. 2

    My best friend in the whole world actually is a family member, one of my nieces. I can’t imagine not having friends in my life…even the ones who aren’t actual family are like an adopted one!

    Thanks for stopping by my project teddy bear blog! I appreciate it!

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      wordangell said,

      Hi Sharon, I have moved around such a lot so all my friends are scattered across the country so when friends come over it is wonderful, thank you for popping by my blog. M

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