Postaday2011: Housework Friday

Friday is usually the day I do my housework before the weekend but today, Harry had a day off. I am guessing many other housewives will know what that means? Throw your plans out of the window! Bless him, H is a wonderful man but everything goes awry when he is off work. I did manage to make a Hungarian goulash for our dinner party tomorrow night. I also made a curry which would have been wonderful if only I had not put four chillies in it. They were only small ones and that’s what the recipe said plus extra chilli powder. Thank heaven I didn’t put the powder in as well.

The curry itself is wonderful, a Goan recipe, very tasty but oh my, it was so hot. I love curry but this was something else, it was even too hot to eat when it was cold. I have two choices here, either give the curry to my son in law , who loves really hot and spicy curries, or process it a bit and add it to vegetable to make curry pasties.. Mind you, I reckon they will still be to hot.. Hmmm, decisions , decisions… So this has nothing to do with H being home I hear you say.

I don’t think I have anything to say about him being home apart from nothing goes to plan when he is home. I vacuumed upstairs and sorted out a wardrobe I am getting rid of but everything else seemed to go to pot, I was planning on doing so much. When I am on my own, I have a system and do things more or less as I plan but when H is home I have to include spending time chatting, making meals I would miss or just have a snack for. Then there is searching for paperwork he was sure he knew where it was but couldn’t find it. Does anyone else have a man who says,’ where did you say it was? It isn’t there.’ and when you go to the exact place you said it was, lo and behold! yes, it is there… Someone said to me once ‘ She who hides, knows where to find.’ Grrrr so why, when I tell them where it is , they still can’t find it.. despite it being right in front of their eyes… Must be a man thing, a conspiracy to break our daily routines. I like to think it is engineered to make us look really clever and superior but I fail that test, It just makes them look one of two things, lazy or wearing blinkers. Maybe there is a connection missing from ears to female voice and onto comprehension… I am not sure. The worst thing is when they have put something somewhere and yet it is still us that know where it is… hmmmmm

Ok rant over, tomorrow is a new day and I have a dinner party to prepare for.. now where is my KP.


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