Postaday2011: Getting there

I have been working hard on the painting still, and I am determined to try and get it completed by the weekend. The light has been good and I am pleased with the results so far. I asked my daughter exactly where the photograph was taken and it is in Pria de Anquieiro (also called Carriera) La Coruna, Spain. The actual photo is breathtaking, or should I say, photos, there are four of them.

I am keeping my blog a day up but it will be just short bursts until I finish this painting, and reading other  blogs when I have my break of course. Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

1) The completed left-hand side. This first picture was the easy part, painting the sea is easy for me because it just seems to drip from the end of my brush, much to my amazement every time I paint a seascape.


2)  This is the bit I have worked on today, just trying to get the sea the same as the photo without losing the movement. I am just about happy with this and have moved onto the third part of the picture. This part is going to be the hardest of it all.

3) The far rocks and sea and the rocks on the left are today’s worked areas. It takes me so long because a bit of a perfectionist and try hard to get everything as exact as I can…


4) This is the whole picture so far, I still have the rocks to do on the right hand side which I think are going to be fun, there are so many of them and each with their own special characteristics, we shall see what happens… The last picture is made up of two of the photos I have been trying to copy. I will post the complete set once I have finished the painting.


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