Postaday2011: escape to the sea…

Bit of a fib there, not really so much an escape to the sea as escape into my painting. I am about halfway through my panoramic seascape and already I am as amazed as I always am when I paint a picture. I get to some bits and struggle, get fed up and leave it to have a cuppa, when I go back to it I am completely thrilled with the way it looks and wonder who snuck in and made it good for me. I will never stop appreciating the wonderful gift I have. OK it will never make me rich but I love the thought that after I am gone from this earth I will have left something lovely behind that some, somewhere enjoys owning.

Rather than a long blog today I am posting the painting so far… this is just half of it and it still needs a bit of work, and two of the original photographs I am trying to copy.

The following picture is of the first two photographs in a set of four. If anyone has any constructive criticism, I shall be really glad to hear it. There is always room for improvement.

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    Patti said,

    Love it! It’s funny what you said about wondering who comes in and fixes up your paintings – I feel that way about stuff I write sometimes. I get fed up with it and feel like it’s just not much good, and then I go back and read it later and wonder if it’s the same piece. Makes me wonder how much of our work comes from a part of our brain that we keep subconscious.

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    suz said,

    mum its amazing! i actually had to double check which was the painting and which was the photo! wish we could take you to the beach it was taken at

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