Postaday2011: What can I not say no too.

Saying no is something I have practiced hard to do forever, trouble is I am hopeless at it. I have to say I am getting better but there are some things I find impossible to say no to… Imagine that sweet little face that says ‘Grandma, can we bake cakes?’ Impossible. I can only say no to them if Mummy or Daddy have said no already. It’s easy then, I just say ‘Mummy, or Daddy, has said not now, so another time, or later maybe.’ I know it’s a cop out but I am really a pushover when all it takes is my time.

I go along with Post A Day Challenge 2011, when she quoted Books, Pens and paper, Oh and Pizza. Only I am not that fussed about Pizza so scrap that one.

My biggest weakness and one I find impossible to say no to is ‘books’. There is something really special about books. I love a great story but it isn’t just  that, I know once I have read a book I have to add it to my collection so although I do visit the library I prefer to buy my books. Just the joy of owning shelves of books that I can take off the shelf and re read or use as a reference.  They don’t have to be new either, I visit charity shops and some even take an order for if the book I am looking for comes in… delightful! A book is a book, I also like to read sets of books. I  read all of Dan Brown’s books a little while ago, have read the Steig Larson Trilogy, all five of C.J.Sansom’s Shardlake series and one of Dean Koontz, one of John Grisolm plus another single book I can’t remember because I didn’t really enjoy it, since December and I enjoyed every one of them, apart from the nameless one of course. The reason for the love of series is that I hate it when I get to the end of a good book, I miss the characters, the life, just everything and I know that sounds sad but that’s how much I love books. With a series the story lasts that much longer.

The Shardlake series was fantastic. I love medieval thrillers and I reckon, for me, Sansom is the best. Each book was individual but in the book the character refers to another time when he ‘met his clerk’ for instance. That was a different story in a previous book, very expertly pulled off in the subsequent book you didn’t feel anything was missing. Great stuff! I love the look of books, especially those that reflect the stories inside, hard covers with embossed fronts, books made to look old… I think I’ll stop there.

I have gone off the track here, see how much my books mean to me? heheh.  Anyway, pens are another weakness too, all kinds of pen are good to write with and finding one that feels right is very comforting to write with. I have one pen that is really special to me, given to me by my cousin it isn’t one to be used because it is made of glass. I am saving that one for when I get my first novel published and I shall sign my copy with that pen.

However, when I am taking notes or writing a sketch draft then pencils are my thing. I love those propelling pencils, not the refillable ones, I fight with them because the lead only comes one way, out! So I end up snapping them or having them refuse to hang on in the pencil, no, I prefer the disposable ones that will go both ways. The softness is perfect for me and they feel just right in my hand and it doesn’t matter if I lose one. I keep several all round my house and in my handbag, just in case I need one.

My special paper for taking notes is in a book. I have two actually and I love them so much. Both given to me by family members they are… you guessed it.. more books. The covers are hard and decorated with pictures embossed in foil, they are also magnetic and the little front flap that matches the picture snaps shut keeping all my notes safely inside. I am proud of this little photo of some of my treasures that also demonstrates what I mean about the covers. The big one at the back was a really inspirational book bought for my birthday one year by my daughter.  A book of squashed fairies, brilliant!There are loads of other simple pleasures, oh I forgot to mention bookmarks. Everywhere I go I collect a bookmark, so essential don’t you think, I mean I would hate to ruin a good book for the want of a bookmark to keep my page. But these are the biggest weakness I have and I really do enjoy my collections, my useful collections I might add, very much.


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    I love books and since moving to Portugal I really miss going to the Library. I have now collected loads of books from flea markets and charity shops to fulfil my need. My passion is cookery books 😳 I’ve also collected loads of novels on my travels as well. I would never use a kindle…could you?
    I love the smell and feel of a book…
    Ps when I my grandchildren arrive I can also see I’m going to have trouble saying no 🙂

  2. 2

    Oh Carole, there is no way I could use a kindle, so impersonal, so cold. I too love the feel and I wish I could say the smell of a book but that is something I can’t do these days, I can remember what smell they were and imagine each one… Cookery Books! Oh yes! are you sure you aren’t me? I have many from many different countries cos I just love to cook too. Those grandchildren melt your heart, they are designed for us to be unable to say no , I am positive of that one… Hope you are well… M

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