Postaday2011: What gets better with age?

This is a great topic and one I do feel qualified to answer being really ancient, well according to my children. I remember as a child asking my mother how old she was and when she replied thirty I was really overwhelmed at the age she was, thinking she was really old. Little did I know as a ten-year old.

When I was approaching thirty myself it was the most dreadful time of my life. I had swallowed the media hype that once you hit thirty you were over the hill. It happened and guess what? I didn’t feel any different. Well after a while I did, feel different… Suddenly everything seemed to fall into place and I sort of knew who I was and where I was going. It is difficult to describe and there were still many traumas and events to deal with after that but for a few months I had found myself.

As I got older that feeling never really left me and I gained a lot of strength and knowledge about myself. I still made loads of mistakes and because of a bad beginning in life, I had no good role models to guide me, my life was a learning curve all the way. However all the things I learned because of the pathway I chose changed me day by day. How I wished I had known what I knew with my last children when my older ones were younger and even moving on, how I could still have done things differently with the younger ones too.

Life is a continuum, nothing stays the same, we evolve as people, we learn and change as time passes. The thing that does make me smile is that even though we have so much more wisdom as we, and our children get older, they start to treat us as if we have no idea…sigh! So is it them that makes us slip into older age? Times are always changing and all the while we have that yearning to learn we will move with it. Childcare is one aspect that has changed so much. I was trained in childcare and worked with difficult children in my own home and in a boarding school for EBD boys, I was also trained in non directive play therapy and worked with an autistic child one to one. Nothing has really changed that much apart from the way it is now taught. I sit back and watch and say nothing as my children do amazing things with their children. It was new when I learned it but now, thankfully, it is naturally taught everywhere. I secretly pat myself on the back and smile, I hope it makes me a good Grandma.

I think confidence comes as we get older, we lose that need to go out and hit the town looking sensational. We still care but for different reasons, it is for ourselves now, not for what our mates , or what the opposite sex thinks. Our priorities change, especially as the children leave home… we need to build a different life that doesn’t revolve around their needs. We start thinking about doing things for charity, about helping others and far less about ourselves and I feel we become far more content.

One major change for me was becoming far more spiritual, the wider picture became more evident and I developed a calm deep inside myself. I began to question everything I learned and everything that I had experienced and found answers… and as many more questions.

So I guess the answer to what gets better as we get older… for me it is life and understanding of it. Where I am going and the fact that the goal is not important, it is more the journey, the people we meet and the things we learn on the way. Life is great as we get older… and I believe ‘ as man thinketh, so is he.’ so a positive attitude makes for a really great older age.

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    Harry Barrett said,

    Someone once said to me not so long ago, “what are you going to do when you retire?”, Well, I would like to get there first and when I reach it I’ll look at it and decide. Marie is right, a positive atitude is a help and maybe a 14 year old kid to work out the DVDs and all the rest of the modern gadgetery stuff, (and probably a word checker to help me write in blogs). At the end of the day getting older is no big shake, just another goal to aim for. Its when you stop getting older that problems start.
    Just thought I would enter my few lines so Marie can pick me up for my spelling and all the rest of the bad english etc etc.

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      wordangell said,

      Aw Thank you Harry, has to be said I have learned more in the years I have known you though. I feel sure that the people we meet as we get older are meant to be for a million different reasons. Guess you were one of the good ones. xx

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    I like the journey I took with you and it made me re-evaluate my own post and I thank you for it. The ebb and flow was nice and you shared so many of your accomplishments, I really enjoy you spirituality and outlook, wonderful post.

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    Hi Wordangell…your words are so true “it is life and understanding of it. Where I am going and the fact that the goal is not important, it is more the journey, the people we meet and the things we learn on the way.”

    I’ve learned so much through blogging and meeting other bloggers it’s been an amazing experience…
    PiP 🙂

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      wordangell said,

      That is so true Carole… I have had so little time just lately and have missed a couple of posts, will have to catch up once H goes to work. Hope your journey is just wonderful. M

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