Postaday2011:Deciding when a post is ready to publish?

As an aspiring writer I was taught to write, read, read out loud and re draft, many times , certainly no less than five, before a piece of work was to even be considered for publishing. However, writing a blog is such a different thing and I guess it depends on the reason for blogging in the first place. It is easy for me to get hooked into wanting loads of people to read my blog and comment. It is sort of warm comforting treat to know that people are out there and interested in what I might have to say. But then equally, I love to read other blogs and hear from people with similar interests too. Most of all, I love writing for writing’s sake. I write for me.

As I look over my blog entries, whether I write for a topic or something more personal, each piece of writing contains a little of me in it. Like writing a diary, which I am totally hopeless at keeping up by the way, it is so interesting to look back and see what I was thinking in the past. It sort of helps me to understand me a bit more and see how and what I have changed in my life. Reading back helps me to also see where I have come from and not to mention the little things that I write about that I might have otherwise forgotten as unimportant.

I always keep every little piece of writing I do, a note, a reminder, an idea and so forth and just reading those brings back the seconds when I first had those thoughts, where I was, what I was doing and who with. I think that is such a powerful and precious thing. Here are a few examples :

‘They entered, they stole, they wore gloves but they dropped something, it had a fingerprint. They entered my space, my time and destroyed my comfort, they invaded my life and left me insecure, fragile and unsafe.’      =My son had his flat broken into and I can see the smashed window and all the aluminium fingerprint powder over everything. I can remember where everything in that room was because it was attached to my son’s emotions.

‘I said I miss you, and I do. I don’t know where you are, where we are.’ = Before a broken relationship.

‘March 26 ’02 – Dusk is nearly upon the valley and the previously bright sky is darkening. Across the field a mist creeps over the ground and covers the countryside with a blanket of white as if to keep in the last of the heat from the day. Houses and trees emerge from the milkiness in shades of grey forming a pattern of lines. The sky turns from blue to grey and pink and compliments the mist. The whole world has been sapped of colour apart from the sky. Darkening blue and grey, the night slips silently across the heavens. Small bats flutter on leathery wings, they are awake too early in the year because even the crickets do not sing yet; the earth is still too cold.’   = Diary entry from our time in the village.

‘I swapped the white sparkle of a million stars for the coloured twinkles from artificial decorations on a Christmas tree.’ = first christmas after leaving the village.

‘What impression has each of my moments in the world meant??’ = a low moment in my life… long-winded way of saying what’s the point. haha.

‘Inside every woman there is passion and power.’ = Don’t remember writing this but I jotted it down when I was trying to get myself together again.

So, you see everything I write has a meaning from the smallest note, a single word in some cases or a short piece to help me never to forget. As such each piece is so important to my life. Some are just as they were written, some have been drafted but I treasure them all no matter how good or bad the grammar and spelling. They are part of my store cupboard for future writing ideas. The only thing I can see different between my blog entry and my writing notes is that others might read it. I do re read it and run the spell check on it before posting usually but sometimes I just post it as it came straight from my heart. The decision also depends on just how much time I have, especially if I have only been able to get to the computer late at night. One thing for sure though, every entry I write means something special to me and inside I always hope it gives something to who ever reads it too.

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    Quidmont said,

    Sounds to me like you’ve got your writing priorities down correctly. A blog will not require the same degree of double check that a book will. A newspaper or magazine article should lay somewhere in between.

    Your writing is really very good though. Definitely do keep it up. 🙂

    – Bob

  2. 2

    wordangell said,

    Thank you so much for that compliment Bob, I really appreciate it. I have been wondering whether to keep on with writing, it’s a hard world out there but you really encourage me. Marie

  3. 3

    Patti said,

    Interesting to hear these thoughts – and I will say, that reading your posts, I feel a bit like I’ve been invited over for tea and a chat, so I think that fits.

  4. 4

    wordangell said,

    Bless you Patti, my door is always open and the kettle always on so if you are passing do pop in… such a lovely thing to say.. thank you..Marie.

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