Postaday2011:A fantastic weekend!

I have failed miserably to post for the last two days because I have had the most fabulous weekend and I have just run out of time and energy. However, I have a little time though not too much energy, plus a couple of glasses of wine, and I am posting now. I knew Saturday was going to be busy because we were visiting Harry’s family in Southampton during the day and going to friends in the evening for a meal. What a fantastic and busy day.. we did our visiting and crashed out for an hour before we drove to Emsworth for the evening. We had a really gorgeous meal and a brilliant time during the evening, thank you Kate and Graham, and arrived home around 1pm.

Sunday, nothing planned so we got up rather late and were having breakfast when the phone rang. Number three son said  ‘are you in this afternoon?’  ‘Er, yes, ‘ says I , ‘apart from popping down to see your sisters.’ ‘We’ll be coming over around 1pm.’  So the day was changed. Scott arrived on time with my youngest son Ed and instead of us going to the girls, they came to us. What a fantastic afternoon! Ed lives in Bristol and we don’t get to see him very often and he’s never met Millie, so I was blessed with four of my eight children and two grand daughters for a whole afternoon.

Rather than go on about it I will post some pictures but they in no way show just how much of a great afternoon we had or what smashing people they all are.

 This picture shows all of them posing for the camera. Each one of them brings their unique presence and love to our lives. I am so proud of them all. No matter where they all are or how far apart they live, when we get together it is like they have never been apart. Their love and caring for each other and the children makes me feel so very proud. I must have done something right along the way.

Ed is my youngest son. A very intelligent guy and such a brilliant juggler and dancer. He has used the discipline of both juggling and dancing to overcome

a lot of his health problems. He has multiple exostosis and other difficulties but through meditation and the exercises needed to dance, he has straightened his spine, balanced his body and I was so amazed to see he had grown taller. A short while ago he was on crutches! A very clever young man, he puts me to shame. He likes orange! I will post a video of his amazing dancing as soon as I can. So proud of his achievements so far.


Scott is often the kingpin and the joker of the family. He gives us such a laugh and here he is doing the same. Bunny ears for Millie is only one thing, I won’t share the other tricks he gets up to, bless him.

Here is Scott with my two youngest daughters Suzi and Tabby, plus Suzi’s Maica and Tabby’s Millie. They adore their older brother.

Finally the four of them, plus more bunny ears… thanks Scott! I know the other four, scattered between Hastings, Switzerland and Florida, David, Simon, Samantha and Laura, would love to be here with them all and my dream for my sixtieth birthday next year is to have my whole family together, all thirty-four of them, to help me celebrate.

I am a very blessed lady.

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    Hi Wordangell,

    You are blessed indeed. I am so looking forward to our first grandchild!

  2. 2

    wordangell said,

    Thank you Carole, I give thanks for them every day. You will enjoy being a Grandma so much. M

  3. 3

    Angel said,

    For having met both Suzi and Laura (I am one of their friends), I can attest that you are a blessed woman to have them in your life, and so am I as I call them my friends, and my friends are like family to me.
    I’m glad you were able to spend time with at least half of your children, and my wish for you is that you have everyone in one place so you can enjoy your whole family being together. Take care!

    • 4

      wordangell said,

      Thank you so much, I am the most blessed Mum ever I am sure. I am hoping for a big get together for my 60th birthday next year. It would be so nice, meanwhile I cherish every one of my children, they are all amazing people. Bless you for your wishes. Marie

  4. 5

    Quidmont said,


    – Bob

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